Bernie Sanders wallops CNN reporter—finally

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      Without getting too deep into this: watching the Democratic race in the U.S. has been a crazy-making experience for anyone who feels that Bernie Sanders is, erm, the better of the two remaining potential nominees. His treatment at the hands of *cough* "liberal" media outlets like MSNBC and CNN has been grotesquely unfair. 

      Let's flashback to MSNBC legal analyst Mimi Rocah, shall we?

      "He makes my skin crawl."

      If we weren't such media-savvy sophisticated types, we might see evidence in the above and pretty much everywhere else of a coordinated effort to destroy the campaign, although the fightback from the Sanders team, or lack thereof, has been just as frustrating. As many progressive U.S. pundits like Jimmy Dore have been screaming into the void for weeks now: Bernie, even though you persist in saying this, Joe Biden is neither your friend nor a "decent man." Toughen up.

      Time will tell if the Senator from Vermont finally drops the gloves on the Senator from MBNA, but Sanders—at long last, and none too soon—finally cracked during a media conference yesterday (March 18) outlining his response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Capitol Hill correspondent Manu Raju decided this was a good time to keep up CNN's indefatigable attack on Sanders' campaign. The senator disagreed.

      Here's his response. Listen and savour. Hope he takes it all the way to the election. (Media will frame this as "angry Bernie". Biden calling people fat and telling a union worker he's "full of shit" will continue to be perceived as "electable.")