London Drugs to open early for seniors, people with disabilities

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      London Drugs, a Western Canada chain with 82 stores, has announced that it is introducing special shopping times for seniors and those with disabilities.

      Starting on March 23, all of the chain's stores will be open for those customers only from 8 a.m. to 9 a.m., Monday to Friday. Regular hours will be observed on weekends, but closing time during the week will occur at 9 p.m. now, an hour early.

      In a statement released the evening of March 19, London Drugs president and COO Clint Mahlman stated: "In our London Drugs stores we have implemented even more rigorous standards on everything from sanitation and limiting quantities of essential products. Now, we have dedicated a team of staff to support seniors.

      "This is obviously new for us, and there will be learnings as we do our best to help the most vulnerable. Operationally, things are changing rapidly on how we help our customers; having a direct way to help seniors is one more way we can act on the betterment of our communities."

      The drugstore chain also announced that it has set up a resource to help those who live by themselves and need assistance.

      "Caregivers and family members can email if they know of a family member who might be isolated and in desperate need of any essential items or medications. Full information can be found at"