Fair at the PNE cutting ticket prices, shortening run for 2013

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      For the first time ever, the Fair at the PNE is cutting two days off its traditional 17-day schedule for 2013.

      The City of Vancouver-owned Pacific National Exhibition announced today (February 5) that the annual fair at Hastings Park will close for the first two Mondays of its summer run.

      Shutting down on what are usually the slowest days for the fair will allow the PNE to cut prices for general admission and parking by 20 percent. That means adult tickets and on-site parking will each drop from $20 to $16.

      “We’ve listened to our guests, evaluated a number of factors and analyzed an industry trend in the United States that is seeing incredible success for longer run fairs such as ourselves,” PNE president and CEO Michael McDaniel said in a news release. “We’ve considered moving to this model for some time and have spent the last several months working with our vendors and partners to make it a reality. We’re very happy to pass on the savings to our guests.”

      The 2013 fair will run from August 17 to September 2, with Monday closures on August 19 and August 26.

      Founded in 1910, the PNE came under city ownership in 2004 after years as a provincial Crown corporation.


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      Feb 5, 2013 at 2:38pm

      Watch the whiners and haters at the Hastings Conservancy still complain about the PNE. They'll never be happy until it is shut down completely.

      I'm not a fan of the PNE.

      Feb 5, 2013 at 2:45pm

      The PNE should not be located right next to horse stables at Hastings. It's inhumane. The horses who live at the track are already under an enormous amount of pressure and stress living in an artificial environment. While living at a stable within one of the numerous barns, on a schedule that is dictated by the racing season that man decides, instead of out in a quiet spacious rural area, these horses are subjected to a highly stressful life. Add to that the ongoing excessive noise from the crazy man-made rides, stadium music and the hoards of crowds of people during the day and night when these horses need peace and quiet to get sufficient rest. The horses' day begins at 4:00am and doesn't end until after the PNE shuts down late at night, which only allows them a few hours of quiet. At Hastings race track there's also highway traffic noise as well as the trains that travel through starting at 2:00am and on. How un-fucking-believable! The horses are stressed and tired from training and racing. The PNE adds to an already over stressed environment and all of these factors combined together do not allow the horses sufficient time to rest. Why doesn't anyone consider this man-made-hell the horses are living through?

      I was hoping to read the statement to say:

      ?We?ve considered moving either the horse race track or the PNE to a different location for some time now and have spent the last several months working with our vendors and partners to make it a reality. We?re very happy to pass on the news to our guests and trust this is a better decision for everyone. It's about time someone thought about what man has been putting these beautiful magnificent animals through for too long. Enough is enough.?

      Hastings Horse Race Track and the PNE are two opposite attractions put side by side for the convenience of man without any respect or consideration for the overall health and well-being of thoroughbred horses. That concrete wall there isn't enough of a separation.

      The Pope

      Feb 5, 2013 at 3:39pm

      welcome to the no fun city...

      Ron S.

      Feb 6, 2013 at 5:30am

      Hey RealityCheck they can always move the fair to Stanley Park and keep it open all year long. That works for me!

      Mouse Chaser

      Feb 6, 2013 at 11:45am

      My Opintion Is This { WHO CARES } The Pne Has Being Way Over Priced For Years. Have Not Gone In 15 Years. Back Then It Was Still Over Priced. Esspecially The FOOD. The PNE Is Nothing Like It Used To Be Since They Started To Turn It Into A Park With Green Space Everywhere.

      this is very sad

      Feb 6, 2013 at 9:37pm

      it's very sad. if the voting on this site is a reflection of how people really think and/or feel it is very sad. the majority of people voting down about the inhumane circumstances and living situation the race horses endure year after year in an artificial man-made-hell are obviously too far removed from nature to comprehend how intolerable it is. all the people voting down compassion for someone who is speaking for those who cannot speak for themselves. truly sad.

      Move the PNE or Lose IT

      Feb 7, 2013 at 6:56pm

      @Ron S.

      hey ! you.ve got something there i vote to move it !


      Aug 21, 2013 at 7:15pm

      No wonder the PNE has lost attendance - it used to be an all day event for someone to go through all the buildings and you had to chose what you wanted to see for there was so much going on. Lost is the BC Theme and showcase where the public (and probably a lot of proud family members) could see BC Crafts, Farm Animals, the petting zoo, Lots of business ops,(not just the hair pieces and mops in a small packed building). The food has always been pricy but now you do not even have the semi cheap stuff to chose from. I remember the excitement and fun with all sorts of people selling things walking around, the smells, the community involvement - now even the big draws are all gone and for what - a park that no one gets to use (probably cost a fortune) - This is no PNE - you are exibiting what? food ? What a terrible shame this tradition has gone so far down hill - events in mall parking lots are just as good when you compare the prices - come on PNE - you wonder why people do not show up? Maybe if it was a real event instead of a bunch of rides and a few spaced out shows -- such a shame --- I am just glad I got to show a some of my kids what it was like years ago - now it is a boring waste of time.