Former B.C. Liberal big shot Brian Bonney becomes home builders' representative

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      Sometimes, an appointment notice is more interesting for what it leaves out than for what it includes.

      Today, the Canadian Home Builders' Association of B.C. announced that Brian Bonney will become the new CEO on February 25.

      The CHBA BC news release noted Bonney's previous work with the Canadian Federation of Independent Business, Uniserve Communications, and the B.C. government, as well as his ownership of two telecom companies.

      But there's no mention of his record of political activities.

      According to the Burnaby Now newspaper, that has included:

      • Managing election-sign distribution for the old right-wing Burnaby Voters' Association.

      • Helping create the right-wing Team Burnaby municipal party.

      • Forming a business partnership with Burnaby-Lougheed B.C. Liberal MLA Harry Bloy and managing his first campaign.

      • Working as director of operations with the B.C. Liberals.

      • Supporting Christy Clark's bid for leadership of the B.C. Liberals.

      In 2002, Bonney ran for mayor on the Team Burnaby slate, losing decisively to Derek Corrigan of the Burnaby Citizens' Association.

      Meanwhile, Publiceyeonline previously reported that during the campaign, Bonney had to apologize for a newspaper ad, which he partially paid for. It falsely claimed that Corrigan lost his position as chair of B.C. Transit for mishandling finances.

      The former editor of Publiceyeonline, Sean Holman, has also reported that Bonney was a representative of Coquitlam First, which is another right-wing municipal party.

      With the B.C. NDP on the verge of forming the next provincial government, perhaps there's a good reason to keep appointment notices as nonpartisan as possible.

      You never know who Bonney will have to approach after the provincial election to advance the interests of the home-building industry.




      Brian Bonney

      Feb 6, 2013 at 8:00am

      I have many acquaintances in the BC NDP that I admire for their determination to do what they think is right for our province. We respect each other while we recognise our differences in what we think makes good public policy. However, good public policy is not exclusive to one particular political party and I look forward to working with whoever is the government of BC after the next provincial election.

      A Voter

      Feb 18, 2013 at 12:05pm

      Interesting that Mr. Bonney is leaving his old pal Harry Bloy's (former) ministry as a comms director now that the writing is on the wall that the Liberals and their appointees to public service positions are about to be history. He's one of the BC Liberal folks behind trying to spin the Burnaby Hospital public consultation into a means of getting votes, rather than trying to fix the hospital. He was awarded the Queen's Jubilee Medal (by Harry) the day after that story broke. Clearly a back-room sort of guy, hope the home builders know what they have on their hands.

      Brian Bonney

      Feb 21, 2013 at 7:03am

      Yes, we were trying to get a new Burnaby Hospital built and yes I did support folk who felt one path could be to convince the governing party that it would garner them some support. They felt that whatever reason was used to get Burnaby a new hospital, the outcome was good for all citizens. Not sure I do not agree. I can assure you, the people I was helping, doctors and nurses, sent plenty of material with clear reasons why financially and socially (Patient needs and outcome) a new hospital is needed in Burnaby. And I stand by that. Our community needs a new hospital.
      I look forward to representing small and medium sized business in BC again. – Something I have a passion for.

      Kevin Brown

      Feb 24, 2013 at 10:43pm

      I am sure that Mr Bonney is not the only person who has helped or assisted in Municiple politics. To claim a party is right wing sounds like an attack. Don't we classify partys as Pro Buisness or Pro Union. Where does Mr Bonney stand on the issues as the main person of the Home Builders Association. Does he serve to support and advance the Builders or will he not act and allow excessive regulation to develop without speaking. History says that he will speak up and ensure the home builders are heard based on how many articles he has addressed in the Burnaby NOW.


      Mar 14, 2013 at 10:42pm

      BRIAN looney is definately a |"backroom\\\\\\' guy..
      the dsamning ethnic vote report indicates he sent
      \over 1000\\= e-mails to secure ethnic vote....he needs
      to be thrown out on his ear........