RCMP complaint against Mike Webster dismissed by College of Psychologists of B.C.

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      A police psychologist who describes the RCMP as a "pathological" organization has won a battle against the Mounties.

      The College of Psychologists of B.C. has dismissed a complaint filed by the RCMP against Mike Webster regarding his professional conduct, including his critical comments about the force.

      The complaint was one of two measures taken against Webster by the Mounties last year. The RCMP also stopped paying for his services in treating RCMP officers. Prior to that, Webster had provided counselling services to members of the force for more than 20 years.

      In a letter dated March 25, college registrar Andrea Kowaz informed Webster that the professional body would not be taking any further action on the complaint filed last summer by Brad Hartl, human resources officer for the RCMP in B.C.

      "With respect to all of the issues, the Inquiry Committee concluded that the evidence, taken as a whole, was not sufficient to make out a case of unprofessional conduct by Dr. Webster," states the decision rendered by the college.

      In an interview on March 27, Webster dismissed the complaint as nothing more than "dirty tricks".

      "When I worked with the RCMP, I was really a janitor," Webster told the Straight by phone. "I was there to clean up the emotional and psychological mess that resulted in their toxic workplaces."

      He maintained that the force is a sick organization that needs major reforms. "You see some of that pathology in their refusal to accept responsibility for the mess they created and trying to blame it on me," Webster said. "I think that’s an indication of just how pathological the organization is."

      He continued: "The RCMP needs to be pushed headlong into the 21st century. They need to be downsized, demilitarized, separated from the government, and they need to come under a public independent police board, just like all the municipal [police] departments."

      The RCMP has 30 days to appeal the decision. The force didn’t return a call from the Straight before deadline.



      write a book

      Mar 31, 2013 at 10:50am

      This guy should write a book on this. His argument is similar to the documentary, "The Corporation." A lot of our public and private organizations can be classified as PSYCHOTIC by the DSM-IV standards!!! Whistle-blowers should be celebrated, NOT OSTRACIZED!!!