James Filippelli: Your Political Party is ready for change. Are you?

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      Your Political Party believes the government can do better. We believe that the government is supposed to represent the people of British Columbia and act in the best interest of all British Columbians. We believe the government should be completely transparent and should actively encourage British Columbians to become informed about and provide input into government policies.

      We believe the government should examine each issue and determine what the best thing to do in each situation is, based on the facts, and shouldn’t make decisions based on ideology or party politics.

      We believe tax dollars do not belong to the government, they belong to the people who earned them, and the government must justify every tax dollar it takes and spends.

      What we see is, no matter which party is in power, the government is too concerned with rewarding their supporters and doing what’s best for their political party and not what is best for British Columbians. The government pretends to be transparent, but hides MLA spending from scrutiny, blocks freedom of information requests, and treats tax dollars as if they were their re-election funds.

      Your Political Party of B.C. was formed to change all of this and bring common sense and honesty back to politics.

      YPP’s platform includes making the budget public, down to the last tax dollar, so that you can see exactly where each tax dollar is going. The budgets of all government layers under the provincial government’s control, including municipal governments, TransLink, Metro Vancouver, and Crown corporations will be public as well. The government should be tracking this information already. It should be available for everyone to scrutinize and find ways where the government can save money.

      All government contracts will be public, so you can see what the government has agreed to on your behalf. All major contracts will be public before the government agrees to them. This will allow British Columbians a chance to scrutinize contracts and give feedback before they are agreed to.

      YPP will set up a secure website to provide each British Columbian with a login to vote in non-binding referendums on all major issues. The government should encouraged feedback from citizens in order to act in the best interest of British Columbians.

      MLAs will be held accountable for election promises by making them legally binding. With all information public, there is no reason why candidates should make promises they can’t deliver. If MLAs don’t follow through with promises there will be a by-election to replace them.

      All statistics and information collected by government will be made easily accessible online. Statistics on crime, schools, hospitals, traffic accidents, how many people government departments serve on an hourly basis, and all other information the government collects will be available to citizens.

      YPP will enact legislation to ensure all government policies and programs are economically, environmentally, and socially sustainable.

      YPP will focus the health-care system on prevention and use nurse practitioners as the first point of access for healthcare.

      YPP will require all products sold in B.C. to have an environmental rating so consumers are aware of the environmental impact of the production, distribution, use, and disposal of the products they buy. This will help consumers decide how much they are willing to pay for products with a better environmental rating.

      YPP has two candidates lined up to run in the upcoming election: Brent Williams in Port Coquitlam and James Filippelli in Vancouver-False Creek.




      Apr 1, 2013 at 4:04pm

      I'm ready for change. Change for the better, one practical step at a time. ;)


      Apr 1, 2013 at 4:12pm

      He'll get my vote.


      Apr 1, 2013 at 4:23pm

      It's enlightening to read this.

      Two big concerns with respect the proposed online voting.

      One, IMO the concept is wrought with peril stemming from the usual cyber risks but also, more importantly, fraudulent vote rigging.

      Two, I understand you're trying to bring transparency and accountability to the system. However, perpetually trying to get consensus by way of constant polling with online votes (albeit non-binding) on so many otherwise regular governmental decisions, and the subsequent debating that is sure to follow, could be incredibly time consuming and stall necessary projects and progress to the point of being counter productive and even harmful (i.e. changes to healthcare or lack thereof).

      I don't pretend to have a better idea and, otherwise, in principal commend the remaining concepts and wish you the best of luck.

      Frankly, the alternative dominate parties to vote for are both crap.


      Apr 2, 2013 at 7:59am

      If we had to vote on all gov. projects why do we need you in there ? You should be accountable not the online votes ,for the gov, decisions .Its nice to have input but the pay for the job goes to you.