Christy Clark delivers election promise to freeze B.C. carbon tax rate

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      Premier Christy Clark has promised no further increases to the carbon-tax rate for five years if the Liberals win the provincial election in May.

      The B.C. Liberals announced the proposal today (April 3), saying the freeze is part of a strategy to make life more affordable and will allow other jurisdications to "catch up" with the province's progress with the tax.

      “It’s important British Columbians know exactly what government is going to do and that’s the commitment we’re making today,” Clark said in a news release.

      The carbon tax, introduced in 2008, adds a levy to a variety of fuels as an incentive to reduce greenhouse-gas emissions. In July 2012, the tax was increased to seven cents per litre for gasoline and eight cents per litre for diesel.

      Clark’s pledge was met with criticism from the Pembina Institute, a Canadian nonprofit think-tank.

      “In promising to freeze British Columbia’s carbon tax rate for the next five years, Premier Clark is ignoring evidence that the policy is working for British Columbians,” Pembina spokesperson Matt Horne said in a statement.

      “The carbon tax has contributed to a drop in the fossil fuels burned in B.C., while having negligible impacts on the economy.”





      Apr 3, 2013 at 4:06pm

      The carbon tax is a great idea. Or maybe it's not.

      Or maybe it's too high. Or too low. Maybe we should increase it, or lower it, or leave it the same.

      Or maybe we should call it something else, like the "BC Carbon Plan for Families & Jobs & Stuff".

      I'm so confused (and fed up).

      Just Wondering

      Apr 3, 2013 at 4:48pm

      Take it off of the schools and hospitals and then call what's left exactly what it is, a tax grab. Matt Horne must make good money or he wouldn't be on the soap box telling everyone how good it is.

      Integrity Quest

      Apr 3, 2013 at 5:40pm

      Interesting timing. It's hard not to view this particular move at this particular time as a big fat red herring.

      It would be very easy for the general public to mistake this "carbon tax" discussed here for another carbon-related issue that has been in the news in the last week or so.

      About a week ago our BC Auditor General, John Doyle, in essence said that "carbon offsets" in British Columbia are not much more than a government payout to certain private businesses that support the BC Liberal party.

      Many folks out there really don't understand the difference between the "carbon tax" on fuels (as discussed in this article) and the "carbon offsets" scheme which our Auditor General has recently exposed as having been seriously mismanaged by this same Liberal government

      Under the "carbon offset" program which is run by the Pacific Carbon Trust (PCT), 128 public sector organizations have been forced by the government to provide a whopping $18.2 million of the taxpayers' money (from funds which were originally allocated to organizations like hospitals and schools) to a Crown corporation, the Pacific Carbon Trust. Then $13 million of that money was paid by the Pacific Carbon Trust to PRIVATE companies in exchange for "carbon offsets", many of which were arguably not legitinately authorized. Those same private companies then turned around and donated over $2.5 million of that money back into the Liberal party's coffers!

      I am entirely aware these are two totally different matters. But because one is called a "carbon tax" and the other is called a "carbon offset" they will be easily confused by the general public as being the same thing.

      All Joe Public will see and care about is that the Premier has supposedly done us BC taxpayers a big favour by promising to freeze the "carbon tax".

      Frankly I simply don't think this is a coincidence ... I think it's a deliberate "sleight of hand" move on the part of this Liberal government.

      And note VERY clearly that the Premier has actually as yet done absolutely nothing ... it's esssentially a bribe, in that she has only made A PROMISE IN EXCHANGE FOR RE-ELECTION IN MAY.

      Wow .. these two "carbon" related things are, when seen side-by-side, essentially "money laundering" on the one hand and "bribery" on the other.

      A reprehensible game of smoke-and -mirrors, IMHO.

      Sick of it all

      Apr 3, 2013 at 7:29pm

      Our premier is a fool and should just give it up and step down and stop the incessant torment. Someone should charge her for causing us all this never ending grief. What a waste of skin.

      Be The Change

      Apr 3, 2013 at 8:07pm

      Freeze on carbon tax for five years.

      A little too late, Christy!

      fool me once

      Apr 4, 2013 at 5:17am

      “It’s important British Columbians know exactly what government is going to do and that’s the commitment we’re making today,” Clark said in a news release.

      "The HST is not even on our radar..." "B.C. Rail is not for sale..." "The B.C. Liberal party puts children families and seniors first..." "we have a balanced budget..."

      Save it crusty ...not buying your clown act...the liberal implosion in B.C. will make the socred implosion look like a holiday...hope they drag Campbell the liar back to face charges over BC rail too...