Michael Wolfe: Educating and representing Richmond’s beautiful diversity

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      Richmond’s island environment has been my homeland for over 31 years. As a local public school teacher, I emphasize local knowledge to my students, and as your political representative my voice will champion the local issues that matter to us. As a long-term community advocate, my decisions to act come from attentive listening to the people of Richmond at various events for public engagement. It is clear to me that we must raise the consciousness of our actions today, as we affect the future generations that come after us. This is why I am running in my eighth election campaign to represent Richmond.

      As a candidate for the Green Party of British Columbia, I share common values as expressed in our policies that are based on 10 core principles.

      Sustainability: In 2013, to sustain is not good enough for Richmond. We must proceed in a positive direction that considers and qualitatively benefits our descendants, for at least seven generations, if we are to be wise stewards of the Earth. The Garden City Lands has the potential (in my eyes) to showcase this to the world.

      Social justice: Ask yourself, is it fair? We make decisions, while many children in Richmond are living in poverty. This inequity is unacceptable. Our diversity should be cherished and all Richmond residents must be able to fulfill their potential regardless of income, gender, race, citizenship, or sexual identity.

      Grassroots democracy: As your MLA candidate, I forgo the financial support of corporations and unions because you, the voter, deserve a people-powered representative. Join me at the regular Richmond city council meetings and increase your public participation at the local level.

      Nonviolence: As a pacifist, I strive for a culture of peace. I am a cooperative citizen, volunteering my time to advocate for solutions to conflict without violence.

      Community-based economy: The Richmond Centre riding is situated at the western limit of our region. We lack adequate parks and community services and I experience this firsthand. We should be providing our existing residents with meaningful work within our own community.

      Gender equality: The ethics of cooperation and understanding must replace the values of domination and control and it is clear that a voice of reason is needed to represent Richmond Centre.

      Diversity: As I acknowledge and celebrate the beauty of biological diversity on the Earth and the cultural, sexual, and spiritual diversity of Richmond residents, I have the desire to speak on the behalf of a united community.

      Decentralization: Power must be returned to local communities. As one of my local concerns, the Richmond Hospital and public health care services need to be accessible in more locations and forms.

      Personal and global responsibility: As an educator I make science connections both to local action and to the global consequences. It is time our Richmond Centre riding had representation in multiple directions. Being well known as “Mr. Wolfe” to many of Richmond’s students, I am investing in our youth, the most important members of society.

      Ecological wisdom: Whatever we do to the Earth we do to ourselves. Richmond is unique in that we have a multicultural population that can and will educate the world with effective practices in a new “Green” way into the future.

      With the potential to become British Columbia’s first Green MLA, I offer my courageous leadership qualities to the people of Richmond. I am ready to provide a voice for the voiceless in our region.

      A vote for Michael Wolfe is a vote for raising our consciousness.