David Jones: The B.C. Conservative angle

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      The B.C. Conservatives are the party that supports hard-working British Columbians of all ages, in both rural and the urban areas. Fiscal responsibility, stewardship of the environment, transparent decision-making, meaningful community engagement, and a commitment to education relevant to the 21st century are key tenets for us.

      Politics in this province reflect a self-serving mentality that disregards the needs and aspirations of much of the electorate. The NDP and Liberal parties have become so focused on reelection, it is little wonder they are unable to achieve anything but debt and dishonesty. It appears that transparent government has become extinct. Big decisions that affect the lives of millions of British Columbians are made behind closed doors. It is this behavior that left all of us in a cloud of discontent and distrust.

      The B.C. Conservatives will bring in balanced budgets, and not leave future generations to pay for poorly researched and ill-conceived initiatives.

      As a candidate I have listened to many of my constituents, including businesses and community organizations. They have told me of their hopes and concerns for the upcoming election.

      The most important issue for British Columbia is the economy. Without a strong economy, B.C. cannot offer the services that British Columbian depend upon without borrowing and incurring more debt.

      Hand in hand with the economy is the environment. The economy and the environment must be in balance. Forestry, fishing, mining, and gas extraction are important economic drivers in this province, and if regulated correctly, our province can reap great benefits from these industries without harm to the environment. If they are mismanaged, as they have been, these industries disappear and the environment takes the hit. The B.C. environment is a treasure, and the property of all British Columbians. The B.C. Conservatives will ensure that our natural environment is healthy and protected, and will be good stewards of our endangered species and threatened ecosystems.

      Fiscal responsibility is key to a balanced budget, and to earning the trust of British Columbians. The B.C. Conservatives believe in balanced budgets and emphasize that public expenditures must be kept in line with revenues.

      The B.C. Conservative government promises to provide transparent information to British Columbians. This will encourage a well- informed electorate be able to provide reasoned and meaningful input into the issues facing them.

      Our government will work closely with both educators and industry to ensure that our young people are receiving the skills, training, and experience that will enable them to succeed in the future. With a solid provincial infrastructure and a well educated population in a variety of disciplines, B.C. will attract high-tech research and manufacturing firms to B.C. rather depending on less remunerative industries.

      Young British Columbians have not been well served by our governments. Over the last two and a half decades, we have seen stagnant wages, increased competition for jobs from immigration and temporary foreign workers, higher tuition costs, skyrocketing housing costs, and an escalating cost of living. We need to help our young people, our future, get the support they need to succeed.

      Young families need help too. I stand firmly behind the initiative to bring $10 per day childcare to British Columbia. Young children participating in affordable, quality childcare will demonstrate much more positive outcomes in the future, and their parents will be in a position to participate more successfully in the workforce: a bonus for all B.C. residents.

      We need to look at how and where tax dollars are being spent in health care. Cost and wait times are growing exponentially. It is time for new thinking and new solutions to address these issues.

      I believe in honest and transparent government at all levels: a government that serves the people, a government where the elected officials take the issues of their constituency to the government. This is a tall order by today’s standards. However, our present political system is unsustainable and needs change. On May 14, vote for a better future for all British Columbians, vote for David Jones, B.C. Conservative candidate for West Vancouver-Capilano.




      Apr 5, 2013 at 5:41pm

      What the? I've heard all this before. So the LIEberals, NDP and Cons really are the same. Go Greens!

      John Strange

      Apr 5, 2013 at 6:30pm

      I admire your ideals, not yet tested by the burden and opportunity of power. Lots of politicians started out like you.


      Apr 5, 2013 at 6:56pm

      He says, "Politics in this province reflect a self-serving mentality that disregards the needs and aspirations of much of the electorate."
      I believe this captures his spirit and the essences of the BC Conservative party.

      Will Jackson

      Apr 5, 2013 at 8:24pm

      Maybe its the circles I move it - but I've never met anyone who is actually concerned about the provincial debt levels, rather they care about the quality and level of the myriad of services they receive from the various levels of government.

      It seems that talk of balancing budged, noble though it may seem, is just coded language for justifying the reduction of services from the province.

      The way the you talk about natural resources too is worrying - it seems that these are viewed only in terms of short-term monetary value, not of the permanent destruction they can and do reap on the environment.

      I do, however, commend your support of affordable child care.

      WJ, Vancouver B.C.


      Apr 5, 2013 at 8:51pm

      So are the BC Conservatives going to be anything like Harpers Federal COnservatives? They also promised much and look what we got.


      Apr 5, 2013 at 9:38pm

      “The B.C. Conservatives will bring in balanced budgets.”

      Okay. How? You don't answer that. In fact, the closest you come to discussing actual finance is when you discuss health care:

      “We need to look at how and where tax dollars are being spent in health care. Cost and wait times are growing exponentially. It is time for new thinking and new solutions to address these issues.”

      Given recent “conservative” policy, that sounds like you're really talking about cutting health care spending and opening it up to the far-more-expensive private sector – which would, of course, benefit nobody except the private health industry. Otherwise, you mention nothing about either cutting services or raising taxes. One or both of those will be necessary if you are to achieve your goal of balancing the budget, so which is it? (Given your party's role in getting the HST killed, I can assume sensible taxation is not on your list of priorities. That leaves only service cuts, which raises the question of what, exactly you'd cut. Other than health care, of course.) Give us some substance, rather than appealing only to emotion with feel-good talking points and vague statements about what you “believe”. Anybody can write ad copy. We need to know where you actually stand.

      James Blatchford

      Apr 6, 2013 at 12:38pm

      Very rich, Mr. Jones, for you to be espousing transparency when you are the farm team for the most opaque federal government in modern times. Muzzle the scientists, vilify the parliamentary watchdogs, and introduce the most sweeping reforms by way of omnibus legislation ever seen. And your party leader worships the ground Mr. Harper treads on. Nice.

      Here's an idea...why don't you just admit that the conservative banner has been thoroughly sullied over the last several decades and committ to restoring the type of conservatism that respected politicians like Bob Standfield and Flora MacDonald stood for. Yeah, that might actually have some appeal and show that decency and fairness are not forgotten values of the conservative movement in Canada. Pity it got away on you.

      Starve the beast

      Apr 6, 2013 at 10:10pm

      I want a party which as a platform that starves the government. No MSP payment, kills PST and property transfer taxes. Tax payers should com first and poverty groups with hands out for able bodied people should come last...dead last. No fucking anything unless it can be afforded.

      Prison time for lying politicians (im talking life sentences).


      Apr 7, 2013 at 2:32pm

      "stewardship of the environment"...Really? Can you look our children in the eyes and say this?


      Apr 7, 2013 at 6:03pm

      Mr. Jones, as resident of the constituency you are attempting to represent, I can say that I, and a good many of my neighbours will do everything in our power to make sure you and your corporate whoring party will not have a voice in Victoria after the May election.