COPE looks like it’s ready to go it alone

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      Neither the Green Party of Vancouver nor Neighbourhoods for a Sustainable Vancouver has an appetite at this time for exploring an electoral partnership with the Coalition of Progressive Electors.

      On April 7, COPE members approved a motion at the party’s annual general meeting to hold nominations for a mayoral candidate and a majority slate for council to run in the election next year. If the party doesn’t change course, it means an end to its alliance with ruling party Vision Vancouver.

      Lone Green councillor Adriane Carr noted that her party is content with where it is right now. “People were happy certainly with the fact that we ended up electing myself as the first Green councillor, and did so because I believe we drew support from across the spectrum,” Carr told the Straight by phone.

      Randy Helten, who ran as NSV’s mayoral nominee in 2011, indicated that while his party shares many principles with COPE, a coalition might not be in the cards. “I think Vancouver may be moving towards a greater diversity of civic parties, and I think from the NSV perspective, we’re glad to see diversity happening,” Helten told the Straight in a phone interview.




      Apr 14, 2013 at 7:38am

      If COPE, NSV and Green each run alone against the Vision developer funded attack machine in the next election they are sure to lose. If they find a way to loosely work together to develop an aligned slate (putting up say 4 council candidates from each party) with a single mayor candidate they stand a very good chance of displacing Vision next time around.

      Vision is destroying Vancouver. I hope the three parties that listen to citizens and don’t take orders from developers will find a way to work together before Vision starts letting developers put up condo towers in Stanley Park.