George Chow: Be part of the change in B.C.

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      I invite the citizens of Vancouver-Langara to be part of the change occurring across British Columbia.

      For 12 years, too many citizens have been left out of decisions shaping the future of our province. I know this has been frustrating. Too often politicians will promise one thing (like not implementing the HST) but then do another.

      I don’t blame people for being cynical, but I would like to urge you to take a look at the candidates seeking your support, hear what they have to say, ask the hard questions, and vote on May 14.

      Our main opponent is apathy. In the last election more than half of the eligible voters stayed home on election day. That is more than 1.7 million voters.

      This has to change.

      Adrian Dix and the B.C. NDP are taking a positive approach. We will not be engaging in negative personal attacks. We will be telling you what we are going to do, and how we are going to pay for it.

      Voters in Vancouver-Langara will have a clear choice.

      I commit to working hard on behalf of our community to ensure your voice and values are reflected in Victoria.

      That is what I did for two terms serving on Vancouver city council. I focused on improving affordability and environmental sustainability, while ensuring property taxes were fair, taxpayers were treated fairly, and city services were delivered effectively.

      That’s the practical approach I hope to bring if I am honoured to receive support from voters in Vancouver-Langara.

      My experience of provincial government is first-hand; I worked as a senior engineer with B.C. Hydro for over 30 years. I saw how decisions made in the in the legislature were realized on the ground to provide vital service to citizens. I hope to work with Adrian Dix in a B.C. NDP government making sure that your government works for everyone.

      Our Crown corporations, like B.C. Hydro, are essential public assets belonging to you. As the MLA for Vancouver-Langara, I want to ensure those who manage your resources are accountable to you, and that they run our assets in a way that is dependable and efficient.

      This is also true for our health care system.

      The B.C. NDP will invest in home care for seniors and improve community-based services, while reducing the cost of prescription drugs.

      These are my priorities.

      I was very lucky when growing up in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside that I had the opportunity to go to UBC and earn a degree in engineering, start a family and raise two daughters, and go on to become a community leader, becoming director of the Boys and Girls Club of Greater Vancouver, president of the Chinese Benevolent Association of Vancouver, and a Vancouver city councillor.

      Today, opportunities like I had are harder to come by. The B.C. NDP want to make sure that pursuing a postsecondary education—whether at a university or college or learning a skilled trade—does not depend on how much money your family has.

      New Democrats will create a $100-million grants program for postsecondary students, increase investment in trades training, and improve classroom conditions for children from kindergarten through Grade 12.

      By investing in opportunity, we can begin to create a more equal society in British Columbia. That is the kind of change we need to see happen in B.C. Change for the better—one practical step at a time.




      Apr 18, 2013 at 3:35pm

      ALL THE BEST OF LUCK George. I know your the right man for the job. But your taking on more than a repair job on the runner . ha ha

      colleen moore

      Apr 18, 2013 at 6:58pm

      The best man for the job. I agree be the change you desire to help see it come into action.
      I know the NDP has a big job ahead of them and there is much to do but I am positive that with the support and the commitment of the people, Dix and his government will put families first. Now that will be a change.
      Christie Clark: A real channel changer


      Apr 18, 2013 at 11:37pm

      Don't forget about Chow's voting record when he was on City Council. Chow voted for the Cambie Corridor Plan, Marpole Safeway development, Higher Buildings policy, Limiting Structures for Political Expression, and many other density and height giveaways like Marine Gateway. Chow has put developers first. We need someone to put people and the environment first instead.