James Crosty: It’s a new time for New West

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      For the first time in nearly two decades, I believe a new time has come for New West. I sense “party fatigue” has griped the B.C. electorate. These are a few observations leading to my decision to enter the provincial election as the independent candidate for New Westminster. After talking with my partner of 36 years, we determined that I would offer my longevity in New Westminster, my extensive international business acumen, my two decades as a citizen advocate, and my love for B.C. to the voters in hope that they would give me the opportunity to represent them—outside a “party” environment.

      On May 14, New Westminster will be asked to vote on unknown candidates. New West voters have a unique opportunity to choose a new representative and a new voice. My 23 years in New Westminster as a resident, and the past decade with my businesses here, gives me a clear understanding of the needs of our Royal City. This is more local experience than both the NDP and Liberal candidates have combined.

      New Westminster has received limited benefits from party representation over two decades as a result of party rivalry. With an independent voice in the legislature, I will work to ensure New Westminster receives the financial and tangible support it deserves as the province’s first capital. From the expansion of the Royal Columbian Hospital to the replacement of the Pattullo Bridge—an independent MLA can make sure that the citizens and city are heard over the cacophony of party politics.

      Some candidate literature barely mentions New Westminster—ignoring those who elected them to represent them at the provincial level. I am convinced that representation starts with the people—not the party! Perhaps it’s not the politicians people are fed up with, but the parties themselves. With party platforms, voters are asked to take bad policy with the good. I want to identify the good policies and make sound, balanced government. I will work to make New Westminster a stronger city and a voice of reason in the legislature which will serve both our community and our province.

      Provincially, my personal and career experiences will allow me to rapidly contribute to the growth of many provincial sectors. The economy, trade, and energy sectors are of particular interest as are education, healthcare, and the environment. I want clean industry, clean energy, and clean jobs to make New Westminster and B.C. their home.

      I think political balance is obtainable. You can’t live in New Westminster for two decades and not learn to appreciate and communicate with labour. In the early ’90s I helped rebuild the New West Liberals. My fight for lower taxes and financial prudence reflects my economic conservatism. My environmental track record is long and continues with my battle against rail noise/vibration and the more recent “no coal” issue at Fraser Surrey Docks. Finding common ground between all parties to move our city and province forward will be my primary objective as MLA for New Westminster.

      At no other time in our city’s history could voting “independent” be as advantageous as now—especially with the prospect of a minority government. I ask citizens of New Westminster to think independently this election. I understand the people, the place, and the politics to make independent representation work for New Westminster. Put a stop to party fatigue—vote for me, James Crosty, as your independent candidate.



      Ron S.

      Apr 23, 2013 at 2:57pm

      New and International business = same old same old. Been there and done that for 12 years. Goodbye.

      Paula D.

      Apr 29, 2013 at 10:48pm

      It seems to me that it is the Crosty promises that are vague and even a bit naive. Still, I don't hear anything I like yet from the others either and it's probably better for our city to park him in Victoria in 2013 than City Hall in 2014. Hubby says New Westers will be voting strategically. Don't want to waste my vote but if it looks like he has a chance Crosty will get mine for sure.