Jenny Kwan: Let’s protect the environment and close the inequality gap

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      In recent years, communities across British Columbia have unified in opposition to the Enbridge Northern Gateway proposal. This movement has galvanized long-time advocates for social justice, students, gardeners, artists, families, young aboriginal activists, and respected elders alike to stand side by side. They have united and articulated their vision for British Columbia’s future: a future that respects the First People of this land; a vision that protects the integrity of our ecosystems and species at risk; an approach that ensures clean air and clean water for future generations to come.

      As part of the B.C. NDP team, and as the former critic for jobs, economic development, and trade, I am proud to support these strong voices in our communities. Lifting the tanker moratorium on the North Coast is not a good idea. Radically transforming the Port of Vancouver into a major oil sands export facility is not a good idea. Jeopardizing fragile habitats and sacred lands is not a good idea. It’s too much of a risk to our environment and our economy. Instead, we want to build a sustainable, diversified economy.

      I am excited that the B.C. NDP proposes to begin this work with a significant re-investment in forest health and enhanced food security. We want to add value to our raw logs. We want to support our local food producers and local economies with Feed B.C., Buy B.C., and Grow B.C. initiatives, along with measures to nurture B.C.’s local craft brewers and distilleries. We want to recognize B.C.’s diverse economies and key regional specialities. We want to get innovators working to build a strong knowledge economy. We believe in strengthening B.C.’s creative economy with strategic investments in film and TV, the high-tech sector, and support for the B.C. Arts Council.

      These values strongly reflect the voices of Vancouver-Mount Pleasant. You deserve a better approach to our economy. By investing in B.C.’s most valuable resource, the people, the B.C. NDP will be investing in B.C.’s economy. Making postsecondary education more affordable and accessible, funding skills training, and improving recognition of foreign credentials will help close B.C.’s productivity gap, while laying the foundation for a greener jobs base.

      As a parent to two young children, I also have very personal reasons for wanting to see these changes. I know that we can’t wait any longer to act. The legacy of the future is in our hands and the time to act is now. But we can’t do it without your support.

      I am asking for your support on May 14, so that I can keep working for you to tackle these and other crucial issues. Government can’t do everything, but we must get the fundamentals right. I am proud to say that, as part of Adrian Dix’s B.C. NDP team, I too will stand with you to protect our environment and close the inequality gap, for now and for the future.




      Apr 23, 2013 at 8:19pm

      All with what I agree with. You have my vote.

      Just Wondering

      Apr 24, 2013 at 9:42am

      This little lady deserves your vote. I remember she was one of two left standing and fighting like hell while someone else we all know was selling railroads and tearing up contracts. The only good thing to come out of the last 12 years is, I learned how to tear up contracts too.


      Apr 24, 2013 at 4:21pm

      I sometimes don't take JK too seriously because she seems very high minded and safe injection-y and tra la la, whereas if you are going to get old people like my parents to vote for you then you have to talk about jobs and other pragmatic, dirty things.

      However, she is pretty cool and I admire her political infighting to turf the perfectly decent but unelectable Carole James - it shows that she has the stomach for the necessary ugliness of seizing power, which means that it is more than a protest vote.


      Apr 27, 2013 at 2:58pm

      Makes me wish I lived there so I could vote for her


      May 5, 2013 at 7:52pm

      I like her stand against the Northern Gateway to Nowhere and against bringing a huge risk to Vancouver by exporting huge quantities of dirty oil from one of the greenest places on earth.
      The Liberals gave us a huge increase in open net farms which are now proven to destroy the natural fish. They gave us the HST right after they lied in the last election and said it wasn't even on the radar. They gave us a huge increase in debt up to 170 billion while now campaigning on 'Debt Free BC' That bird doesn't fly. They privatized large parts of BC Hydro and put it into ongoing debt to foreign corporations which are locked in for the next 30 years. They destroyed our economy and now they are campaigning on the economy? Gimme a break!