John Shavluk: Why I am running again for MLA in Delta North

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      My name is John “Shrek” Shavluk.

      I have been a passionate human rights/political activist for many years while running in consecutive elections, including federal, provincial, and even civic.

      I am running for MLA in Delta North—again—as an independent candidate in my fourth consecutive provincial election as I just try to help educate my neighbours.

      My number one project would be to expose why lawyers were paid $6 million for two B.C. Liberals who pled guilty—something the Liberals will never expose and the NDP certainly have not and probably never will.

      I say, “How does one spend $6 million in this case and who are these lawyers?”

      And please let’s not forget they really wanted to and still probably want to sell the liquor distribution network, which will in effect kill good secure jobs and add nothing to our tax base, only sending our hard-earned money out of the province in profits to shareholder friends.

      Next project: to stop any plans to export coal in my neighbourhood.

      Also the Massey Tunnel was never meant for the current level of use and everyone knows big business wants it gone to bring bigger ships up the river, but no party will do the smart thing and just go get corporate money then to speed up our new bridge but I will.

      In previous elections I have said that the most prescribed drug to Canadian children is Ritalin and that if you smoked it you should then have to call it by its street name—crystal meth—as they are virtually identical.

      I also said there has never ever been a prison ever built on this planet that illegal drugs have not been found in, so how then will we really keep them out of schools and really how many more millions of dollars will that take?

      In 2009, running against Wally Oppal, I called for a unified police force because the police themselves admitted Robert Pickton would have probably been caught in 1999 and at least 28 women would then not have also been murdered. He was against it and me.

      Just over a month ago Oppal held a TV press conference and what did he call for? That’s right, a unified police force.

      In my last election—2011—I explained how we could all in fact be driving on 70 cents a litre LNG fuel filled up even at home that instantly cuts CO2 emissions by 20 to 30 percent, yet it was sold off because big oil owns our government.

      I was Guy Gentner’s opponent for his NDP nomination years ago here and was also a Green candidate in 2008 (before being removed by the party).

      And just like in the Liberals, as a former B.C. Marijuana Party cofounder, I also brought out a legal cannabis policy within them too.

      And as that person, I am also here to ask you all to please not support Sensible B.C. as it is a big step backwards solving absolutely nothing.

      I call it senseless BS.

      That issue is just the tip of the iceberg, though, to wrong ideas in this province, as even fracking elsewhere in this province will do more damage to our own waters than oil pipelines, yet no one it seem to care as they bribe landowners for pennies as they then destroy our environment ignorantly.

      I have been attacked many times for my educational efforts to my fellow citizens by bikers, criminals, police, and even PM Harper in my view.

      Let’s stop voting for mere colours of parties and actually look at who the candidate is please and if they even live here. I, as a combat-arms-trained veteran of Canada’s armed forces, say if you think you find someone more qualified than I am or who you think will fight for you more than I will, then yes please just vote for them. But if it’s merely a colour you only vote for—you shortchange us all. Thank you.




      Apr 25, 2013 at 8:51am

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