Adrian Dix ends whirlwind final campaign day and night in Vancouver-Kingsway

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      At the end of a gruelling 24-hour campaign blitz, Adrian Dix returned to where it all began.

      Before 7 a.m. today (May 14), the B.C. NDP leader made his last stop in his Vancouver-Kingsway constituency, the same one that his friend, former boss, and ex-premier Glen Clark represented as MLA.

      Tonight, after the polls close, this riding may yet produce another New Democrat premier in the person of Dix.

      He looked very relaxed and strong after his punishing schedule that started in the morning of May 13.

      “It’s great to be here," the two-term Vancouver-Kingsway MLA told his staff and supporters gathered at his campaign office.

      “Let’s win!” he said to strong applause.

      “How many hours until the polls close?” Dix asked. “Thirteen? Roughly 13. A little under 13. Around 13. So that’s the time when it all happens. This is what we do all the organizing for.”

      According to Dix, this election day will be an “exceptional” day.

      It surely must have felt like coming home to Dix. Also present was his older sister Wendy, who came from Toronto to help in his campaign.

      Likewise, there was his younger brother Dylan. There are three siblings in the Dix family, and the B.C. NDP leader is the middle one.

      “We’re very proud of Adrian,” Dylan later told the Georgia Straight about his older brother.

      After his media scrum, Dix had some light moments with a number of his staff.

      “Ready to rumble?” he asked one.

      Dix’s orange campaign bus later left the campaign office at 2740 Kingsway. The B.C. NDP leader stayed behind at the office for some more minutes.

      As he was hanging out by the parking lot, his staunch supporter and longtime NDP organizer Boni Barcia offered a reminder that after Dix has caught some sleep, the two of them are supposed to do some more door-knocking to get the vote out.

      The Straight asked Dix if he was indeed going to hit streets again.

      “There’s something reinvigorating about door-knocking,” Dix responded.

      Told that he’s at the finish line of the race, the relentless campaigner replied: “It doesn’t stop.”

      Dix and chief of staff Stephen Howard drove off in a vehicle at around 7:15 a.m. so that Dix could have some rest. This afternoon, Dix will be out campaigning again.