Vicki Huntington wins, but independents Bob Simpson and John van Dongen lose

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      Independent Vicki Huntington has won a resounding victory in Delta South.

      She's been reelected with 48.95 percent of the vote with 84 of 123 ballot boxes counted.

      B.C. Liberal Bruce McDonald is second with 35.85 percent, followed by NDP candidate Nic Slater with 15.2 percent.

      Meanwhile, in Cariboo North another independent MLA, Bob Simpson, has been defeated. B.C. Liberal Coralee Oakes has 41.2 percent of the votes with 94 of 95 ballot boxes counted. Simpson trails with 37.23 percent.

      And independent John van Dongen came up short against B.C. Liberal Darryl Plecas in Abbotsford South.

      Another independent, Arthur Hadland, was hoping to defeat incumbent B.C. Liberal Pat Pimm in Peace River North. But Pimm has retained his seat with 54.72 percent of the votes with more than half the ballot boxes counted.



      Greg Sivey

      May 14, 2013 at 11:05pm

      I would like to thank Mr. Simpson for his service, I do not support the Liberal government and hope it is held to the fire for its promises, as we witnessed Mr. Campbell's lies spill forth. If we hear so much of a whisper of HST, let our voices be heard. We needed a change in BC. But unfortunately change is feared as of today. I ask the premier of BC to look at our provincial health care, and to amend and repair the damages done by our former "leader". I can only help that come next election our provinces fears subside, and changes are made where they are long past due.