Vancouver school board promotes Scott Robinson to superintendent

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      The Vancouver school board says it conducted an "extensive national search", but ended up finding its next superintendent of schools within its own staff.

      Associate superintendent Scott Robinson will step up to the top job as of March 1, succeeding Steve Cardwell, who left to become a professor at the University of British Columbia.

      “I am very excited about the opportunity to serve as Superintendent of the Vancouver School Board,” Robinson said in a news release today (February 20). “This role is one of enormous responsibility and I plan to continue to be a relentless advocate for the children and families our incredible public school system serves.”

      Robinson has held his current position, overseeing educational operations at the district's 110 elementary and secondary schools, since 2012.

      “Scott’s thorough understanding and leadership experience in the K-12 educational system made him a perfect choice to become the Vancouver School Board’s next Superintendent,” VSB chair Christopher Richardson said in the release. “I feel confident that Scott has the vision, skills, experience and energy to guide the VSB and ensure we continue to support all of our diverse learners in our engaged and caring school communities.”

      Robinson's experience also includes serving as an assistant superintendent in Richmond and a school principal in Coquitlam.



      Cliff Roy

      Feb 22, 2015 at 9:11pm

      It saddens me beyond words that our school system is run by partisan politics & bureaucratic thugs. If you are a voice of the few like I am, then you are nothing and deserve only to be hung up on by the Vancouver School Board. Pam Richardson was the lone voice who was squashed by the unabated arrogance of the Vancouver School System a few years back. Pam took time out to write one of the most powerful accounts of parental alienation ( where she gives honorable mention of the
      Vancouver school systems role) & bares her soul to us in her book "A Kidnapped Mind", yet the Vancouver School Board were not able read the book for their habit of telling & never listening. In 2012, I also went to the VSB with a problem a child could have solved, yet I was dismissed as inconsequential by Steve Cardwell & his merry men/women which included Scott Robinson. To this very day, the VSB would rather pay lawyers for deflective letters & create bureaucratic hurdles for me to jump over as they count the days to lucrative taxpayer retirement packages with not even a winkling of doing anything for a parent that will not get them on the news as a hero. The courts of BC are now starting to recognize the damage parental alienation does to divorced families/children and are now (a little late) taking the lead. May one day we see a society of equality where schools/school boards stay educated and neutral to both parents. May one day we see a school system run by trustees and superintendents that have values ingrained deeper than the next newspaper headline.

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      Paul Henning

      Feb 23, 2015 at 5:21pm

      The Georgia Straight or someone who is not in bed with the Vancouver School Board should demand to know how many applied for the job and their credentials. It would be very interesting to know who got turned down for this position.

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