Special prosecutor to review RCMP report on Bountiful investigation

An independent special prosecutor will consider whether criminal charges should be pursued following an RCMP investigation into the polygamous community of Bountiful, B.C.

The Mounties recently submitted an investigative report to Vancouver lawyer Peter Wilson, the B.C. Criminal Justice Branch announced in a news release today (July 10).

Wilson is expected to review the report and additional material to determine if charges should be approved for alleged offences against minors including sexual exploitation or polygamy.

“The investigative report which has been provided to Mr. Wilson includes a substantial volume of material. Mr. Wilson believes that it will be necessary to review both the current report and the additional investigative material prior to making a final charge assessment decision,” the release reads.

“It will therefore likely be a number of months before any charge assessment decision is announced, although it is not possible to provide a specific timeline for completion of this process.”

Bountiful is located in the Creston Valley in southeastern B.C.