Memo reveals CIA surveillance of Noam Chomsky

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      A Freedom of Information Act request has shown that the Central Intelligence Agency once maintained a file on MIT professor Noam Chomsky.

      According to Foreign Policy's blog, The Cable, a memo from June 8, 1970, between the CIA and the FBI showed that the agency requested information about a planned trip to Vietnam, which the famed linguist, author, and dissent endorsed.

      Marquette University professor Athan Theoharis told The Cable that, "The CIA's response to the FOIA requests that it has no file on Chomsky confirms that its Chomsky file was destroyed at an unknown time."

      Under the Federal Records Act of 1950, improperly destroyed files could be considered a criminal offence.

      The request was initiated by attorney Kel McClanahan.

      1170848-001 - 2013-04-11 - FBI - CIA response

      CIA-FBI Referred Doc




      Aug 13, 2013 at 5:45pm

      Why? They investigate and find out...?

      1 critical of US foreign policy, but finds every other model as worst
      2 thinks NY Times should be more inclusive
      3 helpful in the Post-911 environment as apologist since US foreign policy is a lot more obvious to even people who have never read Chomsky

      Why destroy his file?
      He's patriotic. Nothing to worry about.


      Aug 14, 2013 at 11:20am


      Are you really trying to characterize Chomsky as a US Foreign Policy apologist? You must be one of those people that believes your suspicions are more reliable than a little something the rational among us like to call evidence.