Seven B.C. mayors declare “non-confidence” in Kinder Morgan pipeline review

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      Seven mayors issued the following joint declaration today (March 31):

      Mayors’ Declaration on Kinder Morgan National Energy Process

      On behalf of our municipalities and our citizens who face the risks of Kinder Morgan’s proposed Trans Mountain pipeline, the undersigned mayors wish to declare our “Non-Confidence” in the current NEB process.

      It has become apparent that the NEB process does not constitute a ‘public hearing’ and is completely inadequate to assess the health and safety risks of a proposed pipeline through major metropolitan areas, and the potential risks of shipping bitumen oil to Burnaby and through Burrard Inlet, the Salish Sea, and along the coastline of British Columbia.

      We have serious concerns that the current NEB panel is neither independent from the oil industry proponents nor ready or able to assess the ‘public interest’ of British Columbians.

      It is no longer a credible process from either a scientific evidentiary basis, nor from a public policy and public interest perspective.

      This is not a ‘public hearing’. It has become apparent that the evidence presented by Kinder Morgan will never be tested by cross-examination. The second and final round of Intervenor Requests by written questions is nearing completion, and is proving to be inadequate. The proponent has failed to answer the majority of questions submitted by municipalities and other intervenors, and in IR round one the NEB panel has failed to require reasonable answers. Because of the inadequacies inherent to the review process, hundreds of questions critical to public safety and environmental impacts remain unanswered.

      The loss of the standard Public Hearing from the application review process constitutes a significant erosion of the democratic rights of local governments, First Nations and citizens to cross-examine evidence presented, articulate concerns and voice opposition to applications.

      The undersigned mayors therefore call on the federal government to put the current NEB process on hold until an adequate process is in place, and to call on the provincial and federal governments, through their appropriate and respective roles, to develop, in consultation with local governments, First Nations, and citizens, the restoration of a full Public Hearing process to be applied to the National Energy Board’s consideration of all applications for major industrial project proposals.

      We also call upon the Government of British Columbia to re-assert its role in environmental assessment, and to establish a provincial process with proper public hearings to assess this very substantial private proposal.


      Mayor Gregor Robertson,

      City of Vancouver


      Mayor Derek Corrigan,

      City of Burnaby


      Mayor Jonathan Coté,

      City of New Westminster


      Mayor Darrell Mussatto,

      City of North Vancouver


      Mayor Lisa Helps,

      City of Victoria


      Mayor Patricia Heintzman,

      District of Squamish


      Murray Skeels,

      Municipality of Bowen Island



      S. Johnstone

      Mar 31, 2015 at 11:49am

      When I saw 'BC Mayors' in the headline I was expecting mayors from many parts of BC, but these are only lower mainlaind mayors and even then only ones with waterfront property within their borders. What do the mayors of cities such as Prince George or Castlegar etc think?

      Rod Coleman

      Mar 31, 2015 at 6:57pm

      about bloody time

      I also declare non confidence

      Mar 31, 2015 at 7:42pm

      .. in these mayors. Where do they think their gasoline comes from? Oh that's right. We wont be using gasoline in their Vision will we? I guess we dont really need all those buses they are pushing in the transit plebiscite either.. since Alberta, via Kinder Morgan Trans Mountain pipeline, will no longer be providing the fuel for them.

      Warren Walker

      Apr 1, 2015 at 11:32am

      The era of the use of fossil fuels For transportation is nearing its end and alternative energy sources will provide our transportation needs in the future.

      I'm thankful there has been an army of people willing to step up to the plate and be counted top do their part to stop Global Warming...I shoveled two to four feet of snow every year in Vancouver when I was a kid and didnt see any this year.

      Our next battleground is the Peace where Christy Clark wants to spend MORE than Translink on a project there is no business plan for, will pollute vast areas of BC from fracking, and destroy valuable farmland. A YES vote will employ tradespersons desperately needed in Metro Vancouver to build infrastructure.

      Choosing Site C (which will cost us dearly for years to come) over funding transportation infrastructure in Metro Vancouver that would provide thousands of permanent jobs is just bad government.

      We need a change to leadership whose priorities aren't determined by corporations.


      Apr 1, 2015 at 9:47pm

      Why am I not surprised that the mayor of Surrey decided not to sign?

      Dismayed in Port Moody

      Apr 14, 2015 at 9:51pm

      I guess I'm not all that surprised that the Mayor of Port Moody, Mike Clay, is not a signee either. Our City Council, on the other hand, would be!