Elite Canadian Championship Wrestling embraces lucha libre in Vancouver

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      Elite Canadian Championship Wrestling returns to the Commodore Ballroom on May 8, but this time the action will be quite different from what spectators have seen from the organization before.

      In celebration of Cinco de Mayo, the “squared-circle” ring on the dance floor plays host to Lucha Libre: A Night of Mexican Wrestling, complete with the high-flying moves, masks, and outrageous luchador characters that fans worldwide have come to expect from the sport.

      ECCW part-owner and talent manager Jeff “The Natural” Duncan has wanted to put on a lucha-themed show for a long time; considering the sold-out success of ECCW’s Ballroom Brawl series, the Commodore seemed like the natural venue for the event.

      “We are providing 10 of our best wrestlers going into lucha libre wrestling; they’re going to be performing a four- or five-match card,” Duncan said at a ECCW show in Kitsilano earlier this month.

      As for what separates Lucha from ECCW’s typical pro-wrestling shows, it’s best summed-up by Duncan: “High entertainment, high action.…the fans see breathtaking risks and it’s all about fun.”

      At the show, several ECCW wrestlers will debut new characters that fit the lucha style, complete with masks and an aerial move set.

      “Some guys you’re going to notice, like Bishop or Nelson Creed, who are on our shows normally,” Duncan said. “Nicole Matthews and Cat Power, our top two females, some other guys in lucha masks doing the moves you’d expect from lucha libre.”

      If this all still sounds totally foreign to you, Duncan has some suggestions for shows to check out to get familiar with the style. “Lucha Underground is killing it down in the U.S. on the El-Ray Network, the Luchadores over in WWE, the Lucha Dragons are doing very well.”

      While Duncan feels the show will appeal to both fans and non-fans alike, he admits, “If you don’t embrace the culture of wrestling, you’re never going to get it. Lucha libre is part of wrestling—it’s making a resurgence, it’s pretty cool.”

      For more information, visit ECCW.com.

      Lucha Libre: A Night of Mexican Wrestling takes place at the Commodore Ballroom on May 8 at 8 p.m.