Black bear captured and tranquilized in South Vancouver

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      Residents of the single-family areas of southeast Vancouver can breathe a sigh of relief this morning.

      That's because conservation officers have tranquilized a black bear that had been spotted in the East 49th and Tyne Street area early this morning.

      It was found in a back yard on East 53rd Avenue. The animal was taken away from the scene in a pickup truck.

      It's a few blocks from Burnaby's Central Park, raising concerns that the animal might have come out of hibernation there.

      Black bears are spotted from time to time in the Tri-Cities and Surrey, as well as on the North Shore. But it's rare that they make their way to Vancouver.

      For more information on bear-awareness programs, visit the North Shore Black Bear Society website.



      Central Park?!?

      Aug 19, 2015 at 5:46pm

      I saw this speculation on the CBC's coverage too.

      Nonsense. It likely came up from the Fraser River - there is an extensive green belt including Everett Crowley Park, Fraserview Golf Course, and other areas that would take it from the river up to 54th Ave without much encountering "human civilization".

      After all, how'd it get to Central Park? Skytrain?

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