Alberta election captures imagination of the country

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      Alberta NDP Leader Rachel Notley and Wildrose Leader Brian Jean each appeared on CBC Radio's The House show this morning. It came as polls show the NDP with a huge lead in Canada's most conservative province just three days before the provincial election.

      In an astonishing development, Notley's party has received an endorsement from the daughter of former Progressive Conservative premier Ralph Klein.

      Klein is a right-wing icon in Alberta.

      The former premier was also an emeritus senior fellow of the Fraser Institute, a free-market think tank based in Vancouver, until his death in 2013.

      Meanwhile, the NDP leader is familiar to many Vancouverites.

      Notley used to work for the Health Sciences Association of B.C. and volunteered with a local group called Moms on the Move, which advocated for kids with disabilities.

      Her activism was mentioned in the Georgia Straight shortly after Gordon Campbell became premier in 2001. 

      At the time, Notley wrote a letter of protest about cuts to the Ministry of Children and Family Development. According to a column by Bill Tieleman, she received a letter back from B.C. Liberal MLA Richard Stewart, who highlighted the Campbell government's tax cuts.

      “I understand your anger and concern for the funding of MCFD programs," Stewart, now mayor of Coquitlam, wrote. "However, your son needs those tax cuts as much as my children. We need those tax cuts so that our economy will start to grow, so that we’ll be able to afford the programs we cannot afford today.”

      Angie Klein endorses the NDP.

      This morning, Notley told CBC host Evan Solomon that Albertans are far more progressive than national commentators have realized.

      When asked about pipelines, she responded that she doesn't favour the way in which the Keystone XL has been proposed because it would ship jobs out of Alberta.

      Notley noted that in 2008, there were six heavy-oil upgraders planned in her province.

      "Those upgraders almost all were cancelled," she said.




      May 2, 2015 at 12:31pm

      Dear Albertans:

      Welcome to Canada! It can be a pretty nice place, except for the current federal government.

      But we're working on it, and we could use your help.

      Your neighbours


      May 3, 2015 at 12:38am

      Funny but it seems "the country" largely doesn't give a hoot about the elections in Alberta. In the event the NDP win the eastern Provinces will suffer as their perpetual handout is filled largely with the proceeds of Alberta oil. Alberta under an NDP regime would suffer the same fate as most other Provinces that have elected the "progressives" since 1980 and join the ranks of those needing a handout. It happened to Ontario, it happened to BC and it will happen to an orange Alberta.

      Proud Canadian

      May 3, 2015 at 4:37am

      "Progressives"??? LMAO, we're Canadian, not American, so take your brainwashed Fox News rhetoric to American blogs. Where do you think you live? They aren't called Progressive Conservatives out of nowhere? Do you not realize that? And that's the right side of the political spectrum in Canada. Leave your anti-Canadian propaganda somewhere else.