Ezra Levant apologizes to human rights lawyer Richard Warman

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      Lawyer, broadcaster, energy-industry lover, and right-wing polemicist Ezra Levant is not known for grovelling to progressives.

      So visitors to his website might be taken aback by an apology he's issued to human-rights lawyer Richard Warman for statements made in 2008.

      "In particular, in one of my website posts, I alleged that Mr. Richard Warman had posted a bigoted attack on the Internet against Senator Anne Cools," Levant stated. "I have no evidence that this is true and I retract it and apologize to Mr. Warman for it without reservation."

      It arose out of a libel actions filed by Warman against Levant, Michael Coren, Quebecor Media Inc., Sun Media Corporation, Sun TV News, Catherine McMillan, and Kathy Shaidle.

      McMillan, who blogs on the Small Dead Animals on the Road website, also apologized, as did Shaidle, who writes on the Five Feet of Fury website.

      "The only remaining defendants in the ‘Anne Cools’ libel action are Mark and Connie Fournier," Warman stated. "I have instructed my lawyer to make a without prejudice offer to settle for $1 and $2,500 in costs each which I will then donate to the trust fund that has been established for the family of Daniel Woodall of the Edmonton Police Service."



      Ward Philips

      Jun 11, 2015 at 11:22am

      Ezra Levant looks like an evil, right-wing version of Matthew Good