Judge will determine if Mounties entrapped Amanda Korody and John Nuttall in terrorism case

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      Amanda Korody and John Nuttall will enter a new phase of their trial for a 2013 Canada Day plot to plant bombs at the B.C. legislature.

      Last month, a B.C. Supreme Court jury found Korody and Nuttall guilty of conspiring to commit murder and possessing explosives in connection with a terrorist group.

      They hoped to use pressure-cookers loaded with explosives to kill people in the provincial capital.

      Today, lawyers will argue whether the Surrey couple was entrapped by the Mounties, who launched an extensive sting operation.

      The defence maintains that the pair were manipulated into pursuing a more realistic option.

      Justice Catherine Bruce could stay the convictions if she concludes that the Mounties were responsible for manufacturing the couple's criminal behaviour.




      Jul 13, 2015 at 8:50am

      It's plainly obvious the RCMP entrapped these vulnerable individuals. What a waste of someone's lives, time, money and resources when there are much bigger problems in Surrey.... It's not like a gang war is going on is it? I personally blame Suzanne Anton for this mess.


      Jul 13, 2015 at 10:21am

      ..."vulnerable individuals"...say what!...as stupid as they are, they were fully prepared to commit murder of innocent people...when are we going to stop babying these criminals..."my dad didn't take me to the ball game" "I had to murder my 3 young children, the voices told me to, but I'm alright now, can I go home?"..."did I really cut someone's head off with a knife on a bus, oh well, I'm back on my meds now, let's move on..." I'll retire to bedlam!! As for the gang wars in Surrey, should we start talking about deportation...oh, sorry, "No One Is Illegal".

      this crazy world

      Jul 13, 2015 at 12:12pm

      You could say the same thing for most people who have been convinced to commit terrorists acts, especially in the name of Allah. The defence for anyone convicted of plotting or carrying out terrorists acts could easily be that they were 'entrapped'. Whether it's by the RCMP or a slick ISIS blogger, you could absolve the convicted of their crimes. It's a slippery slope.

      davey n

      Jul 13, 2015 at 3:44pm

      How anyone could imagine these idiots pulling off an actual terrorist act without the 'help' of the police is beyond me. It's pretty sad that the police have to manufacture terrorist cases in order to justify all the money they're spending "fighting" it. The hours that were logged by cops to entrap these two is unbelievable, and their arrest makes me trust the police LESS not more.


      Jul 14, 2015 at 4:07pm

      Yeah, the cops seemed to have gone a bit far. However, they had to do something. These two heartless morons were willing, and may eventually have done something harmful in accordance with their actual capabilities (which appears to be, not much, but still).

      Police were right to peek into the matter, and the two losers were wrong in even expressing a general willingness to commit harm. Nobody could fault them for adopting a Ghandi-like approach, of passive non-co-operation or passive "resistance", while anyone with half a brain cell would take exception to violence and destruction.

      Looks to me like active nihilism would quickly lead to a primitive world, while Ghandi's style would likely lead to a better and more mellow world. Go undercovers go! Religion's teachings are largely symbolic anyways, so the deluded pair can go perform supervised community service for a decade or two, for all I care.