NDP hopefuls vie to challenge Conservative MP Wai Young in Vancouver South

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      An aboriginal man passionate about healthcare and accessibility, a union worker keen on giving children opportunities until adulthood, and a relatively new immigrant with a background in business are the choices to represent the NDP in Vancouver South.

      With a recent poll suggesting that Conservative MP Wai Young could lose in October, with the Liberals taking up the lead with the NDP at second place, the riding is in play.

      A traditional playground of Conservatives and Liberals, Vancouver South has never been won by New Democrats.

      The local NDP association’s website features the bios of the three hopefuls vying for the nomination.

      Craig Langston is of Dene ancestry from northern Alberta. “Healthcare and accessibility are national priorities motivating me to seek the nomination,” the father of two states in the write-up.

      “I’m a good problem solver with a keen focus towards solutions,” Langston, who uses a wheelchair, also says. “This approach has been invaluable as a Banker for 11 years and currently as the BC NDP Provincial Council Delegate for Burnaby-Lougheed.”

      Amandeep Nijjar has always considered the riding her home. She was born in Vancouver, and is a graduate of John Oliver Secondary School.

      Nijjar works in the finance department of Canadian Office and Professional Employees Union Local 378. According to her, she has “many years’ experience in the NDP and labour movement”.

      Nijjar states: “As a mother of two, I’m ready to show leadership to make sure all our children are safe and have better access to opportunities, from child care spaces to post-secondary education to good jobs when they grow up.”

      Kaivalya Patel says he came to Canada from India over a decade ago: “I faced immense struggle in various areas of life. Some struggles were a part of being in a new country, others were imposed by people like Stephen Harper, Jason Kenney and the ‘Cons’.”

      Patel is an accountant with a background in management and business solutions.

      Patel knows the day-to-day concerns of ordinary families: “As a renter, I am well aware of the sentiments of home ownership and housing related challenges in Vancouver. Being underemployed for years upon immigrating to Canada, I have personally experienced the challenges posed by lower wages to individuals and families of all sorts.”




      Jul 15, 2015 at 5:21pm

      Refreshing to have a truly contested nomination after the Liberal debacle!
      Three candidates with real life experiences - any one of whom would understand the everyday problems that ordinary people have to deal with.
      Refreshing - and democracy in action.

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