Former CBC broadcaster Evan Solomon attempts comeback with a new column and a new radio show

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      It was only a matter of time before broadcaster Evan Solomon would resurface after being fired earlier this year from the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.

      Someone as famous as Solomon, former host of CBC's Power & Politics and The House, wasn't likely to sit out a federal election.

      Some might see Solomon as damaged goods after the Toronto Star reported that he brokered art deals on the side. But that didn't stop Rogers Communications from snapping him up two months after the public broadcaster canned him.

      He's written his first column for Maclean's and on Thursday (August 6), he'll launch a radio show on Sirius XM called Everything Is Political: Campaign 2015.

      Solomon's article noted that the Conservatives' advertising strategy is designed to drive down Justin Trudeau's popularity and let Thomas Mulcair's numbers rise so they're more evenly matched in seat-rich Ontario.

      "Conservatives believe that, if Mulcair is seen as the only alternative to Harper, they will win," Solomon writes. "Given Mulcair's steady rise and the Conservatives' recent horror show in Alberta, the strategy could prove much riskier than imagined."

      Rogers Communications, on the other hand, probably isn't taking nearly as large a risk by giving Solomon a second chance.

      If his satellite radio show proves successful, it may clear the way for Solomon to host radio and TV shows in the future on Rogers stations. That could create new competition for programs currently airing on CBC, CTV, and private radio stations across the country.