B.C.'s grizzly bear trophy hunt in the spotlight

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      "According to polls, almost 90 per cent of B.C. residents oppose hunting grizzlies for trophies, including many First Nations and food hunters. Scientists say it’s unsustainable. The Coastal First Nations coalition has banned grizzly hunting in its territories, but the government doesn’t recognize the ban." - David Suzuki

      Here's a selection of articles we've published about the grizzly hunt.


      It's time to end the grizzly bear trophy hunt


      Grizzly bears deserve more protected areas in B.C.

      Ian McAllister

      Grizzly bear hunt has no place in modern society

      Tim Irvin / Raincoast Conservation

      Hunting for grizzly bears

      Ian McAllister

      Can grizzly bear watchers end B.C.'s trophy hunt?

      Ian McAllister/Pacific Wild

      This was all the incentive I needed to go." - Daniel Wood


      Statistics reveal decade-long increase in B.C. hunting licences for grizzlies and black bears





      Aug 10, 2015 at 2:52pm

      maybe it's time to start shaming Christy Clark on Social Media the way Cecil the Lion's killer was, that may get her to recognize a ban on trophy hunting.

      Gotta agree until....

      Aug 11, 2015 at 5:10pm

      I agree with stopping the hunt until an extensive ( and expensive!) inventory of bears has been done in any region contemplating a hunt.

      There may be good reasons to hunt a small number of the big bears due to human / bear conflict or the result of management practices for maximum phase bear population.