Christy Clark appoints Ben Stewart as B.C. investment and trade commissioner

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      Step aside for Premier Christy Clark. Get appointed B.C.'s investment and trade commissioner.

      That's how things have panned out for Ben Stewart, the former B.C. Liberal MLA for Westside-Kelowna.

      Stewart relinquished his seat shortly after winning re-election in May. That paved the way for Clark, who had lost her seat in Vancouver-Point Grey, to become Westside-Kelowna's representative after a byelection in July.

      Clark announced Stewart's appointment today (October 28), saying he would work to promote trade with Asia.

      "This is a crucial time in our trade relations with Asia and we want to strengthen the ties that attract new investment to British Columbia," Clark said in a news release. "The appointment of Ben Stewart sends an important signal to these markets - we want to be your partner in business. That is why we are stepping up our game, increasing our government's presence in Asia and making clear this is a priority for us."

      Stewart will represent the province in meetings with government officials in Asia. His job will be based in Beijing.

      The commissioner's mandate is to focus on China, Japan, and Korea, and particularly on liquefied natural gas. He will report to the premier and the minister of international trade.

      "Budget, including travel, hosting, gifting, office support will be researched and assessed," the terms of reference for the commissioner state.



      Lets See

      Oct 28, 2013 at 6:33pm

      BC Rail

      BC Place Leaky Tarp Roof for $565 Million

      BC Convention Center $1.3 Billion++

      Quid pro quo for their friends.

      No surprise surprise

      Oct 29, 2013 at 8:36am

      It's obvious there was going to be some sort of payoff for Stewart. Maybe the only surprising thing is that Smiley Clark is so blatant about it. Proof that the Liberals own this province.

      The Facts...

      Oct 29, 2013 at 8:53am

      @ Let's See ......the so called leaky roof was fixed & only leaked once & BC Place & especially the the BC Convention center both of them (the old one & new one) are constantly booked with people bringing $$$$back into the local economy,....same with BC Place when there's a large event like the Grey Cup or a Rock Concert or even just a Lions or white Caps Game.......these things may cost money but as I said they also bring money back to the local economy ........such DTES looser mentality ..... I'll bet you're also anti gentrification too...... Wake up!!


      Oct 29, 2013 at 10:22am

      I forgot that Stewart actually had already been re-elected. Then the definition of "inducement" really does apply and British Columbians should be calling a lawyer about this. And newsflash Christy! Saying the offer wasn't made at the time doesn't cut it. A 4th generation winemaker doesn't qualify for the job, unless he's going over there to sell wine. If he does, produce the terms of reference and qualifications now!

      [in do̵̅o̅s′mənt, -dyo̵̅o̅s′-]
      The definition of an inducement is a bribe or something that persuades someone to do something.noun


      Oct 29, 2013 at 10:32am

      @ The Facts - Similar to other facilities worldwide, market rental rates at BC Place and the Convention Centre are such that revenues from operations are insufficient to cover operating and capital
      expenses. The resulting shortfalls are covered by contributions from the Ministry of Jobs, Tourism and Innovation, and represent a small proportion of the overall economic benefits generated through
      PavCo’s operations.

      PavCo directly, and through its contracts and construction activity, engages thousands of workers at its facilities. Many of these employees work on a part-time basis, as their employment hours are based on
      event schedules. The number of part time employees h
      as increased significantly

      It only counts as bringing dollars back to the community if you can actually pay your bills first; which neither of these venues have done yet. We are still shoveling tax dollars at them. Good deal, eh?


      Oct 29, 2013 at 1:22pm

      There is a bigger issue here than the half billion dollars spent on the retractable roof (at the request of a casino owner), the convention centre cost overruns, and Stewart's qualifications.
      Stewart is to promote LNG, for which nobody has yet made a sensible case. Fantasies about the future prices for LNG in Asia have not been substantiated. And on top of the current and promised subsidies to the industry, huge electricity subsidies are expected.
      Remember how the Olympics and the convention centre were going to be profitable? And that BC Hydro was doing just fine? Be wary of Liberal math.