Arbutus Shopping Centre redevelopment to go before Vancouver's development permit board

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      A major developer is a step closer to redeveloping the Arbutus Shopping Centre on the west side of Vancouver.

      Larco Investments Ltd.’s application for the first of three phases of construction is included in the Tuesday (September 8) agenda of the city’s development permit board.

      In July 2011, council unanimously approved the West Vancouver company’s proposal for the city to rezone the almost three-hectare property for mixed-use development. The plan includes 400 condo units, and an additional 100 units that the developer will turn over to the city for affordable housing. Larco will also develop 269,000 square feet of commercial space.

      The entire development involves four buildings with heights of six to eight storeys.

      The first phase of construction will cover the northeast portion of the property. The initial development will be an eight-storey, mixed-use building with office space, a restaurant, and a new and bigger Safeway store on the ground floor; underground self-storage and 374 parking spaces; and seven storeys for residential purposes. More than half (115) of the planned 215 homes will be for market rental. The remaining 100 will be nonmarket rentals.

      Larco is the owner of West Vancouver’s Park Royal shopping centre.



      West Coast Woman

      Sep 1, 2015 at 10:50pm

      This area used to be called "consumption gulch" or "frog hollow". A gulch is defined as "a deep, narrow ravine, especially one marking the course of a stream or torrent", which perfectly describes the area under the existing parking lot which is now to be excavated in order to build the new buildings on this site. I can hardly wait to see how much water is going to accumulate in the excavated holes, and how much water will be diverted onto neighbouring properties, since the City hasn't bothered to address the fact that this development will reroute part of a major active stream on the west side of Vancouver!

      But seriously folks, think twice about moving into this development. No insurance policy issued in Canada will cover water damage to property if the property is located on or near a stream, so those who eventually live there or use the underground storage lockers or parking will find themselves SOL if groundwater or surface water damages their property!

      uninformed publican

      Sep 2, 2015 at 10:04am

      Yes. The old paved over creek bed actually runs all the way diagonally North along Valley Drive towards McDonald and 16th and thence through Kits to the Diorama Creek at Tatlow Park.

      It would be nice to see the whole thing day lighted and and light rail along serving the communities below and above Arbutus ridge while minimizing further road development and traffic congestion.