Simmi Dhillon: Green Party speaks for constituents

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      Canadians have lost faith in their government. Somewhere, somehow, the voices of our communities have been muted at a federal level. Be it visible in lack of adequate, meaningful conversations with regard to issues that matter (eg. the proposed twinning of the KM pipeline, senior care, veteran care, universal childcare, etc.) or lack of proper representation of a constituency. Entire communities such as the Kwantlen First Nations and our homeless population are ignored. Peaceful rallies see no presence of our MP.

      How can such hot-button topics in a community not illicit a response from its MP?  Because MPs have lost touch with their constituents and instead bow to pressure from special interest groups and from their own parties. They speak and move as a group. How does that represent each unique constituency they represent?  

      The Green Party of Canada is the only party that allows its MPs to speak the mind of their constituents and not that of its party. The mandate of a Green Party MP is to speak for her constituency as a whole and to ensure that your collective voice is heard in Ottawa. An MP works for all equally and not only for those who vote for her.  

      On October 20, we are all one party. That is when the work begins.

      We need to work together to repeal Bills such as C-51 which will further mute our voices. Bill C-51 was introduced to the country as a bill to fight security threats. Unfortunately, it contained portions that have ramifications on our rights of freedom of speech and peaceful gathering. We are currently a policed state.

      The Green Party is the only Party prepared to work towards a full repeal of this ignorant Bill. We will, of course, look into real threats to our nation and its security and make recommendations for changes that are not packaged into an ominous Bill.

      We will be honest and forthcoming with information so that Canadians can make decisions not having been forced to do so out of fear. We will make moves to have our voices respected again on an international level in matters pertaining to the environment, our treatment of First Nations peoples, quality of life and humanitarianism.  

      We live in the birthplace of British Columbia, let's lead by example and do better because we know better. It is our job to protect this natural wonder and ensure our waterways, food sources and farmlands are safe. As a community we will work together to ensure Kinder Morgan does not further jeopardize our well being by way of potential harm to our food and water sources. Buying local and supporting local small and medium businesses is the best way to develop an economy.  

      On October 19, please vote for me so that together we can protect our home.