Pattullo Bridge will get a Band-Aid, but not much more

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      The public is starting to see the impact of the "no" vote in this year's transit and transportation plebiscite.

      This week, TransLink decided not to go ahead with a $100-million upgrade to the 78-year-old Pattullo Bridge connecting New Westminster with North Surrey.

      Instead, the regional transportation authority will spend about a fifth of that amount to keep the bridge operational until it can be replaced.

      The Mayors' Council's plan called for a new tolled four-lane Pattullo Bridge with the potential to be expanded to six lanes. It would have had a centre barrier and enhanced access for cyclists and pedestrians.

      But that idea was shot down when 62 percent voted no in the recent plebiscite.

      The new bridge is expected to cost $1 billion. As things stand, it's not likely to be built for several years given TransLink's inability to raise one-third of the cost, let alone the entire amount.

      The project would likely also require contributions from the federal and provincial governments.