Elaine Allan: Conservative Party offers responsible, competent government

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      One of the most common questions I face is why someone with a background in working with the most vulnerable of our society would run as a Conservative candidate. After all, I’ve held leadership positions with the Salvation Army, the Wish Drop-in Centre, the John Howard Society and as Executive Director for Shelter Net BC. Even more importantly to me, I knew many of the women who became victims of Robert Pickton and testified at his murder trial and at the Commission on Missing Women.

      I have been fortunate to have a good education and lived a good life, but I know, first-hand, the challenges faced by the poorest of our community.

      Why, then, run for the Conservatives, who are caricatured as heartless?  Because they are not. There is no contradiction between wanting a responsible, competent government, and wanting to give a hand up to the disadvantaged among us.

      As well as having worked with the most vulnerable of our citizens, I am also a small business owner and I understand the importance of networking with other entrepreneurs. My education includes a Bachelor of Arts degree in Mass Communications from Carleton University and a Master of Business Administration degree from Kaplan University.  A poorly run government, like a poorly run company or social services agency, does no one any good. A poorly run government will only harm our economy and a poor economy affects the poorest among us first and hardest.

      This election is a choice of which government is best to manage and protect the fragile Canadian economy in the face of global economic turmoil. 

      The Conservative government of Prime Minister Stephen Harper has done an excellent job of guiding our country through the worst economic times since the great depression. Canada emerged from the recession as the best country, in the G7, in terms of job creation, economic growth and prosperity.

      But while the Canadian economy remains stronger than many others it is fragile and the gains we have made over the last ten years need to be protected.

      The economy is our number one priority, that’s why we have a low-tax, balanced budget plan to protect our economy. Those are the elements that will bring prosperity to Canadians, and allow all governments, federal, provincial and municipal to have reliable revenues that they can use to fund the services needed by those with whom I have worked for many years.

      Amid global economic turmoil, your vote has real consequences. The wrong government decision on taxes, spending or deficits can upset our fragile economy, causing business closures, downsizing and job loss here in our community.

      Neither of the other parties could manage the Canadian economy in the face of global turmoil. Our families and our businesses would suffer the consequences.   

      In my experience, any organization, whether a social service agency helping the poorest of the poor, or the national government, needs stability, efficiency and a clear direction. We have those qualities in Stephen Harper’s government. We need to continue our economic momentum in Vancouver and our community needs a strong voice in Ottawa. I want to be that voice.

      On October 19 I hope the work I have done with the most vulnerable of our fellow citizens can be carried on with the support of a strong stable re-elected Conservative government.