B.C. NDP says Christy Clark must stop Enbridge pipeline from being built

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      The B.C. New Democrats are calling on Premier Christy Clark to tell Prime Minister Stephen Harper that the province opposes the Enbridge pipeline and will do what it takes to stop the project.

      In response to the Joint Review Panel today (December 19) recommending conditional approval of the Northern Gateway project, NDP Leader Adrian Dix noted British Columbians expressed "overwhelming opposition" to the plan to transport diluted bitumen from Alberta across B.C. and onto tankers bound for Asia.

      “Time after time, Premier Clark and the Liberals have undermined their own ability to stand up for B.C.'s economy and environment. The Liberals gave away decision-making power to Ottawa in the first place and passed on every opportunity to take it back. They missed the deadline to provide evidence to the hearings," Dix said in a news release.

      "Now, Premier Clark has very limited capacity to act, but act she must."

      With the panel delivering its recommendation, the federal government has 180 days to make a final decision on the Enbridge project.

      “The B.C. Liberals have put the economy and the environment of the coast at risk by signing over control of these projects to Ottawa,” NDP environment critic Spencer Chandra Herbert said in the same release. “If they remain silent, they will simply prove that their five conditions were nothing but a ploy meant to shield them from bad press about an unpopular project in the lead up to an election.”

      Adam Olsen, interim leader of the Green Party of B.C., called the panel's decision "deeply concerning".

      "The vast majority of British Columbians have made it clear they are opposed to the pipeline. My question to the Christy Clark is: Will you stand up for BC like you promised during the election and stop this pipeline, or will you stand by while the Federal government impose[s] its will on our province?" Olsen said in a release.

      Joe Oliver, Canada's natural resources minister, referred to the panel's report as a "rigorous, open and comprehensive science-based assessment".

      "Now that we have received the report, we will thoroughly review it, consult with affected Aboriginal groups and then make our decision. We also encourage everyone with an interest to take the time and review the report," Oliver said in a statement.




      Dec 20, 2013 at 8:13am

      "The vast majority of British Columbians have made it clear they are opposed to the pipeline…"

      Well, based on the fact the Liberals won it would appear that's not the case.

      The last minute anti pipeline position (among many things) didn't work very for Dix and the NDP in the last election.

      just saying


      Dec 20, 2013 at 10:35am


      Polls show that opposition to *both* pipelines is around 75% within NDP supporters, and over 50% even for BC Liberal supporters. Why do you think Christy played out the drama with Alberta?

      And there is no real evidence that opposition to the southern pipeline is what sunk Dix. That's a talking point with no basis in fact. Dix ran a campaign with the gloves on, while Clark had the gloves off.


      Dec 20, 2013 at 11:37am


      The poll I found is from Nov 27th, 2013, and it's not tracking by political stripe.

      Yes, it seems most polled still oppose, but the difference margin has narrowed with opposition at 47% vs 42% in support.

      "A new poll shows support for the controversial Enbridge Northern Gateway pipeline is up. The poll, conducted by Insights West, shows support for the pipeline stands at 42 per cent, up seven points since February. Opposition to the project has dropped 14 points from 61 per cent opposed to 47 per cent opposed in the same time period." http://globalnews.ca/news/981977/981977/

      There is no evidence to disporve that Dic's position on the pipeline didn't contribute to his failure. And to imply that "Dix kept the gloves on" as being what sunk him has no basis in fact. Give me a break.