Zero rebellion in apathy: Turn Up YVR recruits Dan Mangan and other local musicians encourage advanced voting

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      The rain and wind didn’t keep Turn Up YVR organizers from encouraging young people to vote at advanced polls this past weekend.

      On Saturday (October 10), volunteers rallied outside the Broadway-City Hall Canada Line station, where they carried signs and offered more than doughnuts and hot chocolate to voters who decided to join them. The group recruited local musicians including Dan Mangan, Mother Mother’s Ryan Guldemond, and the Zolas’ Zach Gray, to play music for eager voters while they rode busses to advanced polling stations.

      Turn Up YVR began as a push on social media to encourage political participation among eligible voters aged 18 to 35, but the group took their non-partisan cyber campaign to the street in an effort to bridge the gap between online commitments to vote, and actually voting.

      “I remember when I was a kid, or even just a young adult, feeling like politics was this nasty, spiteful, corrupt place and I didn’t want anything to do with it,” said musician Dan Mangan in an interview with the Straight.

      “But if you live in these cities… all of these things affect you; you live inside the system whether you want to or not," he continued. "There is zero rebellion in apathy towards voting."

      The Straight was on hand to catch the action. Watch the video below for a deeper look at Turn Up YVR’s initiative. 

      Turn Up YVR was established to encourage advanced voting among youth aged 18 - 35 in Vancouver. On October 10, the group gathered outside the Broadway-City Hall Canada Line station along with a handful of local musicians, where eager voters loaded onto a bus that drove them to polling stations.
      Amanda Siebert