Mira Oreck: A historic election for progressive change

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      By Mira Oreck

      Vancouver is less than a week away from a historic federal election. And the momentum to replace the divisive politics of Stephen Harper is clear.

      But this election is no longer about the Canada we want to move away from. It is about building the Canada of our dreams together.

      I have dedicated my career as an organizer to fighting for progressive change. I have worked on issues as diverse as the fight for fair wages and housing, to climate action to advancing women’s rights. I’m a relentless advocate for Vancouver and our province, and have twice served as a B.C. director on the national scale, most recently the B.C. director at Broadbent Institute.

      In my adult life, however, I have never known a progressive federal government. Many in my generation do not realize all that has been lost and the enormous opportunities that could lie ahead.

      This election is the moment to change that. 

      When I speak to my neighbours on their doorsteps, many open up about what they want for our country and what concerns them about our future. An overwhelming number worry about affordability, and they’re attracted to the leadership of Tom Mulcair and to the NDP for our bold solutions on housing, transit and universal childcare.

      Countless Vancouverites are asking themselves: what does a principled and progressive vision for Canada look like?

      It looks like a Canada of innovation, where we actively reestablish our shaken economy by investing in clean technology and energy, in innovation and research, and well-paying manufacturing jobs. A Canada that ends fossil fuel subsidies and puts a cap on carbon pollution.

      It means a Canada of fairness: one that reinstates healthcare for refugees, ends the cuts to veterans, and respects the Canadian Charter of Rights of Freedoms with a clear position on the balance between our safety and security and our democratic freedoms. It’s a country led by a prime minister that took a principled stand against the Conservatives and Liberals dangerous Bill C-51 and will repeal it. 

      It reclaims a Canada of justice. One where an inquiry into the 1,200 murdered and missing Indigenous women in Canada is called in the first 100 days of government. One where Canadians can’t be stripped of their citizenship.

      Finally, it looks like a Canada of opportunity. The NDP’s universal, accessible childcare plan for $15/day is the healthcare dream of our generation. A plan that ensures parents who work outside the home will have the affordable childcare that they desperately need.

      It is this vision of Canada I am deeply committed to, and it is the reason I am running in this election to be a member of Parliament on Tom Mulcair’s team. Running to represent the neighbourhood and community where I grew up, and give voice to the people who helped shape my values. 

      Never before has this vision been so close to becoming a reality for Canadians from coast to coast.

      When Vancouverites go to the ballot box, there is one clear progressive choice, and that is Tom Mulcair’s NDP.

      Join me—together we can build the country of our dreams.