Leadnow recommends NDP's Mira Oreck in Vancouver Granville despite Liberal's higher polling result

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      The anti-Harper group Leadnow has urged its supporters to back an NDP candidate who didn't fare as well as her Liberal rival in a recent poll.

      Leadnow's votetogether.ca campaign is designed to encourage people to cast ballots for the candidate deemed most likely to defeat the Conservative in 72 swing ridings.

      It financed three Environics polls of voters in Vancouver Granville.

      In the most recent snapshot between October 9 and 11, Liberal Jody Wilson-Raybould garnered the support of 35 percent of decided voters.

      New Democrat Mira Oreck was backed by 33 percent of decided voters.

      Environics declared at the that they were "statistically tied".

      Today, Leadnow recommended that its supporters vote for Oreck "as the best candidate to defeat the Conservatives".

      The website Threehundredeight.com has projected Jody Wilson-Raybould to win Vancouver Granville.
      Yolande Cole

      Former B.C. Liberal campaign director Mike McDonald took to Twitter in characterizing Leadnow's endorsement as a "disgrace".

      Another prominent Liberal, Mark Marissen, described Leadnow as an "NDP front group", even though it has recommended many federal Liberals in other provinces.

      Oreck is a political strategist who works for the Broadbent Institute. Wilson-Raybould is former regional chief of the Assembly of First Nations.

      In two previous polls in Vancouver Granville, Oreck had a sizeable lead over Wilson-Raybould, Conservative Erinn Broshko and Green Michael Barkusky.

      Meanwhile, the website threehundredeight.com has projected Wilson-Raybould as having the best chance of winning Vancouver Granville.