Constance Barnes: Ready to repeal Bill C-51

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      As a lifelong activist and advocate, I feel passionately that we must repeal Bill C-51. These past weeks of the campaign, I’ve been knocking on doors in the fabulous riding of Vancouver Centre.

      The one message I’ve been hearing clearly on the doorstep is the disappointment in the Liberals for teaming up with the Conservatives to pass a bill that threatens our rights and freedoms.

      We don’t have to choose between our rights and freedoms, and security. This is a false choice put forward by Stephen Harper, whom we must and will defeat on October 19th. Bill C-51 is a bill that will weaken the fundamental freedoms of every single Canadian. That’s wrong.

      Our riding of Vancouver Centre is made up of indigenous, LGBTTQ, environmental activists, and many more who fight tooth and nail for what we believe in. Vancouver Centre has always been at the forefront of social movements. But Hedy Fry voted for this dangerous and ineffective bill that essentially criminalizes dissent.

      The vote on Bill C-51 was a test of leadership and Hedy Fry, just like Justin Trudeau failed once again. Instead of standing up against Stephen Harper, she supported this bill making desperate excuses afterwards.

      Whether it’s important issues like Keystone XL or the $15 an hour federal minimum wage, the Liberals are on the same side as Stephen Harper.

      Though what irks me the most is the vote on transgender rights in the House of Commons. The LGBTTQ community have achieved so much but there’s a lot more to do and the next big fight is the fight for the recognition of transgender rights.

      So, when the vote came down on transgender rights, Liberal Party Leader Justin Trudeau chose to skip the vote. That’s not leadership. This is why we need change in Ottawa.

      An NDP government will repeal Bill C-51.

      An NDP government will oppose Keystone XL.

      An NDP government will bring in a $15 an hour federal minimum wage.

      We will lift seniors out of poverty by boosting the Guaranteed Income Supplement by $400 million. We will also close the stock-option loophole for CEOs and, dollar for dollar, invest that money raised into lifting children out of poverty.

      Friends, we are closer than ever to building the Canada of our dreams. With just a handful more of seats, we can defeat Stephen Harper.

      After 10 long years of Stephen Harper, Canadians are ready for change. And here in B.C., only New Democrats defeat the Conservatives.

      I hope you will join me.