SkyTrain soil-sample drilling continues, this time south of West Broadway

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      For quite some time, Foundex Explorations Ltd. has been drilling along West Broadway. It's part of soil testing for a possible Broadway subway line that might one day extend from VCC Clark Station to UBC's Point Grey campus.

      There's a great deal of curiosity in real-estate circles about where stations might be located.

      When TransLink bought the building that's home to the Indian restaurant Akbar's Own at 1905 West Broadway, it fuelled speculation that this could become one of the stops along the line. The building is on the north side of West Broadway just east of Cypress Street.

      Today, however, Foundex was drilling on the south side of West Broadway along Pine Street.

      It created a massive impediment for cyclists who often use this road.

      Pine Street is blocked to test if this area is suitable for a Broadway subway.
      Charlie Smith

      With soil samples being taken in this area, is it possible that the next station might be on the south side of West Broadway?

      The Fletcher's Fabricare site on the southeast corner of West Broadway and Arbutus Street might be a logical location.

      Then again, there's a Rogers store on the south side of West Broadway and a Shell gas station kitty corner to the dry-cleaning business that probably also offers sufficient space for a new station.

      Of course, TransLink will have to figure out how to come up with a third of the estimated $2-billion cost of extending the line from VCC Clark to Arbutus Street.

      Earlier this year, voters nixed a plan to pay for this through a half percent increase in property taxes.

      But with prime minister designate Justin Trudeau offering billions in new infrastructure spending, you can bet that the folks at TransLink are working the numbers to try to figure out how to get in on the action.