NDP environment critic Nathan Cullen wants action from Trudeau government on reducing greenhouse gases

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      NDP environment critic Nathan Cullen has called the accord reached today in Paris "a good first step towards combatting climate change".

      In a statement released today, Cullen said that while Canada has a lot of work to do to reduce greenhouse gases, there's now an opportunity to build a greener economy.

      "The world had high expectations for Canada's new government at these meetings," Cullen said. "For too long, Canada had been an obstacle to progress on countering climate change. We welcome government’s new approach, but Canada needs to see action."

      He added, however, that it was "disappointing" that the Liberals have not left Paris with "ambitious targets or a realistic plan to reduce GHGs".

      "It was particularly disappointing to see Canada awarded two Fossil of the Day awards for Liberals’ reluctance on adaptation support for low income countries and setting ambitious targets," Cullen stated.

      Minister of Environment and Climate Change Catherine McKenna tweeted that she's proud of "Team Canada" for its work at the COP21 climate summit in Paris. She also declared that multilateralism matters.