City of Vancouver receives development applications for medical marijuana shops

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      Eight of the 11 parties approved by the City of Vancouver to operate medical marijuana dispensaries have filed development applications.

      The applications cover locations whose current uses are for a hair salon, a barber shop, retail, and office.

      In June this year, council approved a regulatory framework for a new set of business licences covering pot shops.

      Medical marijuana businesses can operate in commercial zones that are at least 300 metres from schools, community centres, neighbourhood houses, youth facilities for vulnerable youth, and other marijuana-related businesses.

      One development application was filed by Buddha Barn for 2179 West 4th Avenue. The location’s current approved use is for a hair salon. The proposed shop is 1,807 square feet.

      The city also received an application from Wealthshop Social Society. The group wants to open a store at Suite 104, a 304-square-feet unit at 4545 West 10th Avenue.

      Another application was for 2894 East Broadway. B.C. Pain Society plans to operate a 2,782-square-feet marijuana dispensary at the site currently approved for retail.

      Three applications are along the Kingsway corridor.

      One is for 1316 Kingsway, which was filed by MPN Health Society. From general office use, the application seeks approval for a 3,035-square-foot dispensary.

      Another general office space at 2768 Kingsway is being planned for a cannabis shop. The proposed 954-square-foot store will be operated by Medical Express.

      The third location on this street is for 3441 Kingsway. It’s  currently approved for office use. Scooter Health Society plans to have a 996-square-foot store.

      Two locations are on Main Street.

      The Herb Co Society filed a development application for 1193 Main Street. From retail, the 517-square-foot site will be converted to a marijuana shop.

      A 1,183-square-foot site at 6416 Main Street is also in the mix. The Healing Centre filed an application to change the location’s use from office space.

      The city received 176 applications for medical marijuana licences before deadline on August 21, 2015.

      Only 11 were approved, and the city announced in October that it will continue to evaluate 30 applications that meet zoning requirements but were within 300 metres of another dispensary.