Vancouver park board’s Sarah Blyth not seeking reelection

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      Vision Vancouver park commissioner Sarah Blyth is taking a break from municipal politics after this year’s November civic election.

      Blyth announced on Facebook today (March 4) that she is not running for another term on park board. Neither will she seek a seat on city council.

      More than two weeks ago, Blyth told the Straight that she was thinking of sitting out the 2014 municipal election.

      That was on the sidelines of the February 14 women’s memorial march in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside.

      While on Hastings Street, Blyth said that she wanted to spend more time with her son, now a preteen.

      In the days that followed, a Facebook page emerged, urging her to seek a seat on council.

      During a phone interview on February 28, Blyth told the Straight that it’s “wonderful to have such amazing supporters”.

      She also indicated that she’d make up her mind soon.

      In her March 4 Facebook post, Blyth announced that she has decided that the best way for her “to serve the public in the future is as an advocate, not as a politician”.




      Mar 4, 2014 at 7:26pm

      How about the information that has come out regarding Vision's deal,with Hootsuite? More money is being spent on renovations than the city is getting in rent & the price the property can be purchased for is below the assessed price. Maybe she is getting out because she knows the Vision is run by and for developers & 1%ers.

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      Mar 5, 2014 at 9:18am

      Looks like Vision is trimming the fat and distancing itself from Park Board and their people who aren't savvy politicians like Sharma. The board has become a huge liability for the party. Blyth, Jasper and Barnes have done no favours; they've dug themselves into holes by ignoring the major issue like the community centre debacle and focusing too much on meeting celebrities and the dude chilling park sign. They've also alienated the public at every opportunity with their "done deal" approach.

      Loke had a rough year last year too, but he's at least demonstrating some growth. He's young and hopefully will make smart choices over the next few years.

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      Glissando Remmy

      Mar 5, 2014 at 9:54am

      How about that? Why not talk about Hootsuite as the first poster suggested. I walk by Hootsuite offices almost daily. I peeked inside many times. So far, I've seen NO renos what-so-ever. Unless the "DERELICT" look have become the "NEW CHIC".

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