Poll reports that most Canadians want buildings in Vancouver and Toronto to dump the Trump name

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      A majority of people surveyed across Canada want Republican candidate Donald Trump's name removed from buildings in Vancouver and Toronto.

      The online poll of 1,530 Canadians by Angus Reid Institute found that 56 percent nationally and 62 percent in Vancouver, Toronto, and Montreal felt this way.

      A bare majority of men with household incomes over $100,000 thought the Trump name should stay on the Canadian buildings whereas the greatest opposition came from young Canadians, women, those with a university degree, and those with household incomes less than $50,000.

      There's also widespread opposition in Canada to Trump's proposal to ban Muslims from entering the United States, with 67 percent disagreeing. Of those, 49 percent strongly disagree.

      Men who are 55 and older were most likely to agree with Trump, with 41 percent expressing support. The next highest level of support came from women 35 to 54, with 39 percent saying they agree with Trump's remarks. In Saskatchewan, 46 percent of residents agreed with what Trump had to say.

      The poll also reported that 63 percent of respondents say Trump's statement is "bad for society".

      It was released in the wake of a petition going to the House of Commons to ban Trump from visiting Canada. The petition was initiated by B.C. union leader David Black and was submitted to Parliament by Burnaby South NDP MP Kennedy Stewart.

      The poll has a margin of error of 2.5 percent 19 times out of 20.