2015 year-end news bites: U.S.

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      Let sleeping drunks lie

      In February, a Florida garbage truck driver discovered two people in the back of his vehicle. The couple became trapped in the truck after drunkenly passing out in a Dumpster, which the driver then emptied into his truck.

      Bacon in sausage fight  

      New Jersey police officers were called at 3 a.m. to intervene in a dispute over sausage. Thomas Bacon, 19, was arrested after allegedly assaulting a person in the house for eating his meat.

      Fight night

      In March, a group of sheriff’s deputies allegedly coerced inmates into organized fights and bet on the proceedings. According to San Francisco’s public defender, four deputies were accused of using threats and bribes to get prisoners to fight each other “gladiator-style”, which left at least one man with broken bones. The ringleader of the fights, Deputy Scott Neu, was terminated; in 2006, he settled a lawsuit out of court that alleged he sexually assaulted three different inmates.

      Arbor amour

      A Florida man was arrested in April after a drug-fuelled tear in which witnesses said he ran naked around a neighbourhood screaming he was the god Thor, then sexually assaulted a tree. Kenneth Crowder, 41, was allegedly high on flakka, a cheap synthetic stimulant, at the time. He was wearing clothing by the time he was confronted by police, repeatedly tasered, and taken into custody.

      Under the influence

      A Florida man received a DUI in October for driving his electric wheelchair while drunk. Ronny Hicks, 54, “appeared to be highly intoxicated” when police arrested him. 

      Namaste, motherfuckers

      Nancy Duarte.
      Dallas County Sheriff’s Office

      In what is undoubtedly the happiest mug shot we’ve ever seen, Dallas resident Nancy Duarte is grinning with glee after her arrest for attempting to burn down a yoga studio. Citing years of harassment by two men associated with the studio, Duarte told CBS, "I thought it was going to make me happy … to burn the place that had brought me so much pain and suffering." Firefighters were able to extinguish the fire at American Power Yoga before significant damage occurred.