Carolina Hurricanes goalie Eddie Lack returns to charm fans at Rogers Arena

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      This week, one of my colleagues complained about how colourless the Vancouver Canucks seem to be this season.

      They're remaining in playoff contention, but they're not scoring many goals and there's not a lot of fireworks on the ice.

      The team has also traded away some of its more entertaining players, including goalie Eddie Lack.

      He's between the pipes tonight for the Carolina Hurricanes against his former teammates at Rogers Arena.

      Last year when Lack was turning away shot after shot for the Canucks, the fans went crazy. It didn't hurt that the folks at Rogers Arena would riff on AC/DC's "Back in Black", changing the words to "Back in Lack" when Eddie was especially hot in goal.

      The Canucks also got rid of Kevin Bieksa, who regularly delivered comedic lines in postgame interviews.

      The unpredictable but Twitterific Roberto Luongo was sent packing. The crazy-eyed Zack Kassian is no longer in the building, either. Manny Malhotra and Jason Garrison, the first two Canucks to attend a Pride parade, haven't been around for a while.

      Fans are left with a younger team that might have brighter prospects for the future. But they're just not as much fun to watch as they used to be.

      It's great that the Sedins are each nearly keeping up a point-a game pace. They're nice guys and given how well they play, they can be forgiven for being a little dull in the dressing room.

      It's the rest of the players that I'm more concerned about.

      Lack, on the other hand, usually found a way to put a smile on the fans' faces with his colourful antics.

      It helped keep the city more connected to the Canucks.

      Now, he's helping to sell tickets in Columbus, which needs all the assistance it can find in that department.