Development applications for medical marijuana dispensaries in Vancouver total 14 so far

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      On January 18 and January 19, the City of Vancouver issued public notices regarding two new development applications for medical marijuana dispensaries.

      One of the applicants, Apollo Medical Society, promised to do its best to be a “good” neighbour, and “ultimately be a great fit for any area” in the city.

      In a letter to city hall, the company noted that there is a “bad stigma around these types of stores”, a reputation it hopes to change with its proposed shop at 3271 Dunbar Street. It expects to attract a “higher end clientele”.

      Apollo Medical pledged that there will be no smoking in and around the building, and signage with cannabis or leaves on store windows.

      The company will also install “active carbon filters fans” in the 550-square-feet space, formerly an imported-rugs shop, in order to “completely eliminate any residual scent”.

      The other applicant is Apple Health Society. It plans to operate at 109-511 West 7th Avenue with the business name Eden Medical.

      In addition to having “knowledgeable staff” to help clients with their medical-pot purchases, Eden Medical will offer “nutritional consultations and emotional support” on appointment basis.

      The two applications bring to 14 the number of development applications allowed to be filed so far under the regulatory process adopted by the city in June 2015 for medical marijuana dispensaries.