Green MLA Andrew Weaver objects to B.C. Liberals appointing majority of directors to university boards

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      The only Green MLA in the legislature has declared that he supports the UBC Faculty Association's call for an independent review of the UBC board of governors and its practices.

      Over Twitter, Andrew Weaver also claimed it's "unconscionable" that the B.C. Liberals appoint the majority of directors on university boards.

      Eleven of UBC's 21 board members are chosen by the province. Eight others are elected by faculty, students, and staff, and the chancellor is elected by the alumni. The president is also ordinarily on the board.

      Weaver was a professor at the University of Victoria for two decades before being elected to the legislature in 2013.

      Weaver put out the tweets after former UBC president Arvind Gupta spoke to the media about his reasons for quitting. According to Gupta, an ad hoc committee of the UBC board informed him that it had lost confidence in his leadership. He also alleged that he was given no evidence of any shortcomings and wasn't given a formal performance review.

      "I was told that they had a legal opinion that they could block me from speaking to the board," Gupta told CBC Radio this week.

      UBCFA president Mark Mac Lean wrote a letter this week alleging that none of the elected members of the board appeared to have been involved in the ad hoc committee's discussions with Gupta.

      Meanwhile, the NDP's advanced education critic, Kathy Corrigan, has also criticized the number of political appointees to university boards of directors.

      "It seems to me that there are many, many political appointments, and it generally can put a chill on the activities of the board," Corrigan recently told the Straight. "I think it politicizes, unduly, the activities of a board."