Earth Day 2014: Captive whales, methane, and bike helmets

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      In this week's cover story, Vision Vancouver wants a public debate over keeping marine mammals in captivity, but critics question the politicians' motivations. Plus, our Earth Day issue looks at a potential methane bomb, unsafe cycling helmets, green vehicles and batteries, and an environmentally minded cryptocurrency.

      Vision Vancouver opponents question motives behind review of captivity at Vancouver Aquarium

      Three options for freeing whales and dolphins from the Vancouver Aquarium

      Methane poses huge climate threat to Earth

      Bitcoin-inspired SolarCoin aims to fuel renewable energy boom

      Toyota’s zippy i-Road offers a high fun factor

      Unsafe bike helmets still for sale in B.C.

      Bollore Group lithium-polymer battery powers AutoLib' electric car sharing program in Paris

      B.C. Liberals cheerleading an LNG boom while keeping mum on emissions

      B.C. ski resorts and sweet natural gas plants exempted from environmental assessments