Marc Emery: Why the appointment of Bill Blair is the harbinger of the New Prohibition

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      The legalization of marijuana is being turned around to continue to justify repressive laws that take away our rights and corrupt our society.

      If they can pull it off, prohibitionists in Canada will make repression (aka tight, restrictive controls) the historical legacy of their marijuana “legalization". They will continue to make Canada’s marijuana legacy one of overall stigma—this in the first nation to ever vote for legal marijuana.

      That would be a major and enduring propaganda accomplishment.

      Whether it is their label of legal or illegal, the point is it's their label. It doesn’t matter what they call it. It's the same old discrimination, abuse, and corruption.

      That’s why former Toronto chief constable and current Scarborough Southwest Liberal MP Bill Blair, herein referred to as Bill the Narc, got the job. Bill’s “legal” is pretty well the same as Bill’s “illegal”. You are still going to get your door kicked in.

      “[Kim Schofield, a defence lawyer for cops accused of corruption] has worked almost exclusively on drug cases for decades, and says that during that time she has often seen officers lie.”

      "Four Toronto Police Officers Charged with Obstruction of Justice & Perjury", Toronto Star, January 28, 2016

      “A long-haired undercover drug cop, the head of the now defunct ‘morality squad' ”

      — The past incarnations of "legalization" czar Bill Blair, listed in the Toronto Star, April 17, 2015

      Any country that allows police to define individual rights and freedom (and legalization is individual rights and freedom) is becoming a police state. 

      We in Canada are about the embark on a strange journey where those elected to legalize marijuana will do everything possible to not do that while still saying they followed through on their election pledge. We are going to have our perceptions and understanding of reality taken from the 21st century back to the fourth century.

      It was a time when the new and struggling faith of Christianity had to demonize both drug use and women to destroy the foundations of the successful “pagan” religions.

      “The first western drug war started in earnest in the third and fourth centuries. Bishops and priests were its most important backers; as a group, Christian clergy may have been separated by doctrinal disputes, but they all shared a desire to advance their own political causes. Priests didn’t care what Romans and Greeks put into their bodies; they simply wanted to solidify their growing hold on empire. And one of the means of doing so was to assert legal control over the non-Christian population in a way that assured tight social control…One set of facts was constant in all of the Christian priesthood: there was a patent, open, doctrinal hatred for women, homosexuals and drugs.

      "The cultural war that started in the early centuries of the Common Era, and ultimately produced modernity, was driven by the ideology of these priests."

      Original Sin: Sex Drugs, and the Church, by David C.A. Hillman

      Think of us, dear reader, you and me, as anthropologists studying human beings in their most regressive early stages. The unique aspect of our study is we can study this fourth century behaviour live, in real time.

      Others have had to count on fossils and old documents and the history of dead people.

      We have living, breathing examples of the most regressive mentality that has ever walked the Earth. They’re here right now smashing into your homes and businesses for the exact same reason they smashed into homes and business 1,600 years ago.

      Bill the Narc is the product of some 1,600 years of brainwashing. If Bill the Narc had been around way back then he would have been doing precisely what narcs are doing today.

      In fact, it's impossible to tell the difference.

      “This gave the bishops legal authority to arrest drug-using pagans and seize their property. Assets from drug seizures were directly absorbed by the church…Pagans had long suspected that Christianity was a convenient way to get rich.”

      Original Sin: Sex Drugs, and the Church, by David C.A. Hillman

      So we’re going to watch the millennia-long Cult of the Narc dictate reality to Canada’s legalization task force and the citizens of Canada.

                                                                          * * *

      Bill Blair rose to the top of the Toronto Police Service after working as an undercover drug cop.

      Do you ever get the feeling prohibitionists are laughing at us? Do you ever think they’re playing with us solely to validate their own omnipotence?

      After all, here we are with millions of weed voters giving the Trudeau Liberals the biggest comeback victory in Canadian election history.

      And here we are rightly demanding an apology for the premeditated evils of Prohibition.

      And what do we get?

      We get Bill the Narc and his New Prohibition.

      The most amazing thing about Bill the Narc is that he is taken seriously as a rational human being. Narcs, as the nature of their job demands, are professional paid liars. A former narc is about to write the laws on the most important civil rights and social tolerance issue to come out the October 19 Canadian election, while the world watches.

      Bill the Narc is now the Canadian government.

      How the Cult of the Narc became the government of Canada

      “He doesn’t seem to understand or respect the importance of civilian oversight in a democratic society.”

      —Ian Scott, former director of the Special Investigation Unit that studied G20 brutality and law-breaking by police, describing Bill Blair in the Toronto Star, April 17, 2015

      “On June 27, a jury found five Toronto police drug squad officers guilty of attempting to obstruct justice. It’s a saga that straddles three decades, and it's not over yet.”

      "Saga of a Toronto police drug squad", Toronto Star, June 29, 2012

      Not over yet, indeed. We’re just getting rolling. Direct from three decades of holy corruption and Prohibition injustice, the Cult of the Narc has attained its dream! It will rewrite Canada’s Prohibition laws and make billions of exclusive dollars in the process.

      The Cult of the Narc will continue to profitably abuse citizens with raids and seizures and jail and smashed doors, just like the good old days. They will do this by making “legalization” the New Prohibition.

      Even in #becauseits2016 a Canadian citizen is arrested or hassled (interaction) by a Canadian police officer every nine minutes. That's 160 a day! Still, with legalization just around the corner!!

      In January, my friends Chris and Erin Goodwin were arrested and raided at their Toronto lounge, GoodWeeds. Jesse of the Farm Assists compassion club in Halifax was arrested and busted in early January. Both reopened shortly after. But these arrests and police hassling of pot smokers, dispensaries, and lounges under the aegis of a "legalization" Liberal government are happening unabated from when Prohibition was the advocated position of previous Conservative and Liberal governments. 

      Since Canada is the first country to promise legalization at the ballot box, Canada is also the first country to see how prohibitionist profiteers will react nationally, and consequently how strong a grip their ancient delusions have on Canadians.

      Prohibitionists are now reacting the same way they’ve always reacted. They get to call the shots and control our lives. They’re the boss, either as narcs under the “old” prohibitionist regime, or as legalization lawmakers under the New Prohibition (aka tight restrictions).

      Former Toronto narc Bill Blair comes from a perverse environment of lying, obstructing justice, kicking in doors, and terrorizing people over a plant. He was part of a cruel system that ruined people’s lives, a system that took their homes, money, furniture, cars, and kids, all to enforce an ideology of oppression.

      It is specifically because of the mentality and actions of former chief constable and former narc Bill Blair that Canadians voted for legal legalization and an end to Prohibition.

      Undercover narcs have to be very good at instinctively lying. Their job depends on it. They lie to sell pot, they lie to buy it, and they go undercover, specifically knowing they are lying to ordinary citizens, frequently in order to create victims where none exist! They lie to medical dispensary owners to bust them and deprive thousands of their cannabis needs.

      That is one wretched human being who would do that day in and day out, and the police, legal, and political organizations that facilitate this daily clinic in destructive lying are to be condemned and considered repulsive. 

      Their Old Prohibition jobs depended on lying, just as their New Prohibition jobs will also depend on lying about legalization—the cataclysmic dangers of personal growing, the carnage on the highways, the reduction in brain IQ of the preteen user, all current growers other than LP’s are organized crime—all the popular shibboleths of the prohibitionists will be amplified and glorified.

      It is from this Culture of Narc liars that the government has chosen its liars to tell us the truth about legalizing marijuana! Getting dizzy? Getting queasy?

      Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has put a former drug cop in charge of marijuana legalization.
      Stephen Hui

      Another deeply ingrained trait of the narc is his ability to create crime without any victim, and therefore without any crime. This is a job necessity. Yet even with this absence of victim and crime, the narc is known for being perhaps the most psycho of all police practitioners.

      When you look at the cops who are the most violent, most crooked, most likely to frame blacks, Latinos, and hapless patsies of any colour or socioeconomic bottom tier, most likely to tamper with evidence, make off with seized drug money and drugs,  shoot or kill citizens in the commission of their duty, it is the narcs. 

      It's as if he is battling something more evil than any mere human offence. He is fighting a sacred battle against something almost otherworldly.

      Once a belief like that is part of one’s personality, it is permanent. It is instinctively applied to everything from drug busts to legalization task forces. Crime simply becomes whatever you think it is, whatever you want it to be.

      It doesn’t matter that it's two people in a consenting mutually beneficial agreement. It doesn’t matter there's no victim. It doesn’t matter that it cures cancer, migraines, and is a miracle balm—easily verified by a cursory Google search—for perhaps 150 known conditions to afflict humans.

      The narc mind has been programmed to believe the plant itself is evil. As such, it will always be a crime and must face “tight restrictive controls”. The narc mind believes this with his whole soul and ego. This belief has been his life, his career, his stature in the community, his moral compass for decades.

      This is who PM Trudeau chose to write the legalization laws for Canada, #becauseits400CE… sorry, #becauseits2016.

      The one thing prohibitionists cannot survive is trying to justify the detailed horror stories that have defined the Old Prohibition for the past 45 years. Controlling the process to keep all this bad stuff from public view is the most important factor in creating the New Prohibition.

      You can’t sell the New Prohibition if you were the guy who praised and enforced the Old Prohibition that has destroyed more lives and corrupted more institutions than any other government policy. Seizing kids, houses, assets, and money, was common in the Old Prohibition, and it will continue with Bill the Narc’s marijuana “legalization”.

      So you need someone who is guaranteed to keep it all secret (Bill the G20-summit mass detainer), someone who is experienced at lying (Bill the Narc), someone who is religiously undercover-narc-hard-wired into the ideology of Prohibition.

      Bill the Narc will present the Old Prohibition as a well-intentioned effort by heroic people like himself to save the world from the devil’s harvest.

      That’s why we can trust Bill and his “victimless crime” crew to craft the New Prohibition. After all, he had our best interests at heart in the Old Prohibition.

      He can’t sell the New Prohibition if his government hearings, which will be watched around the world, become a truth and reconciliation event with first-hand accounts from the victims of the various Prohibition evils, all such evils having been created and applied by the narc mind.

      Bill and his fellow prohibitionists would lose all credibility. The chances of any actual Prohibition truth coming from Bill the Narc’s commission are the reason for his appointment, and those chances are zero.

      Then Toronto police chief Bill Blair ensured there was a heavy police response to protests against the G8 and G20 summits in 2010.
      Tim and Selena Middleton

      Like Prohibition itself, Bill represents the dark side, and it is that dark side that must remain hidden. Remember, this is the first time marijuana Prohibition will be “openly” discussed on a national level in any country.

      I will put the integrity of Bill’s committee/commission to the test myself, by asking to testify. Over 25 years I have been in 34 prisons and jails for cannabis, exiled by the previous government over cannabis seeds, been raided five times, arrested 28 times, and financed much of the legalization that made today’s current discussion possible.

      I am the most recognized name in the world when it comes to cannabis politics and activism (though admittedly, Tommy Chong, Snoop Dogg, and Bob Marley and others are better known pot personalities), so you would think Bill would give me 15 minutes when the time comes. We shall see.

      Prohibition’s reputation is now on the line as the world watches. If the truth is presented, that’s the end of Prohibition and the mentality behind it.

      An integral part of this con job is to maintain the myth that marijuana is unique in its wickedness. Therefore, legalization for marijuana will have to be different and more restrictive than legalization of anything else.

      If this legalization task force were headed by a rational person whose entire life did not corruptly revolve around defending Prohibition and continuing it, things would be different. The abuses and corruption of Prohibition would be the main subject of commission consultations and hearings.

      It is the corruption of Prohibition that brought Canada’s overwhelming legalization vote. The main thrust of a legitimate legalization task force would be to make sure the evils of Prohibition could no longer corrupt Canada. The whole idea would be to avoid the abhorrent mistakes of the past. But that would require admitting the corruption in the first place.

      It is genetically impossible for Bill the Narc or any of his authoritarian allies to ever admit that Prohibition was a destructive policy pursued by corrupt people.

      They can never say the truth about themselves: we will do anything for money, power, and control. We like jerking people around and ruining lives. It’s for their own good. We believe the narcotic marijuana to be the devil.

      Bill will simply switch this same corruption and cruelty from the Old Prohibition to the New Prohibition by making sure corruption and cruelty are never discussed.

      To the narc, Prohibition is religion. True believers never abandon their religion, no matter what evidence is provided to show that their belief is a fantasy of the supernatural beyond all recognizable reality and reason. Especially when the religion provides a paycheque, immunity for their evil, and power and control over other lives.

      It is the perfect moral crusade for the former head of Toronto’s “morality squad”.

      Bill the Narc has two priorities. Both centre on the necessity of redefining the meaning of legalization for Canadians.

      First, he must make sure all the marijuana is grown by, or with the approval of, the narc establishment. Narcs controlled weed under their Old Prohibition laws, and consequently governed its price and availability as their whims suited them the last 50 years, and narcs will control weed under the New Prohibition laws.

      The laws will change but the corrupt mentality behind them will not.

      Remarkably, in the age of legalization, home growing and sharing your own marijuana will be crimes still, at least for the ordinary Canadian, if Bill gets his way.

      Second, he must maintain enough of the Old Prohibition to keep funding police budgets, Crown budgets, justice department budgets, seizures, court dockets, and jails. 

      Voters who voted overwhelmingly for legalization will be conned into the New Prohibition by the same abusers who gave them Old Prohibition.

      Brainwashed Bill and his greedy gang have learned one thing about weed in all their years of raiding homes and shooting people who answer the door with a remote control in their hands. They have learned the incredible money and power that can be made controlling marijuana.

      Appointing a former narc–morality squad leader–police chief as the Legalization Czar is so sleazy that at first I thought “WTF?”, but judging from the joyous reaction from government, politicians, law enforcement, media, and “stakeholders”, the mentality that drives the Cult of Prohibition seems to extend far and wide.

                                                                         * * * 

      The narc mind was on display on January 19 when CBC posted an interview with former narc Philippe Paul as part of its Daybreak “Montreal 420” series, examining how legalization will affect Quebec.

      He spent 28 years on the Montreal police force, mostly in the drug and gang unit. He is an “expert witness in narcotics trafficking cases". What narc P. Paul is saying is what Bill the Narc will be saying, so let’s listen and learn.

      Here is the future. Philippe the Narc is asked what he thinks of legalizing marijuana, after he recites how organized crime gangs are leading profiteers in the illegal markets.

      Obviously, as a former police officer, I’m not for that. I was fighting crime and drug-trafficking all my career and seizing illicit drugs including marijuana.  It will have to be controlled because the THC level in Quebec-grown marijuana is very high and it can be addictive. It has to be grown in a proper fashion. You can’t just let anybody anywhere grow and sell it."

      This absurd hysteria “you can’t let anyone anywhere grow it” is completely unsubstantiated, of course. Pot has no toxic dose, is very safe to grow, and is so beneficial a plant that no other plant on Earth comes close to cannabis in utility and benefit to humans.

      The no-home-grow restriction is necessary if the price is to be kept artificially high so both profiteers of the New Prohibition (licensed providers, government liquor outlets) and the government with its punitive taxes on cannabis can gather in billions of dollars from the cannabis culture they oppressed for 50 years. The result will be the sale of marijuana in very limited amounts through vapid government outlets.

      “Addictive”, “brain IQ of teens”, “blood sample”, “you can’t just let anyone grow it”, “driving under the influence”, “obviously”—get used to hearing these words from establishment shills and social engineers. 

      When Philippe the Narc brags he spent his life—“all my career”—fighting the devil’s harvest, it would be stupid to expect him to look at Prohibition rationally. That’s because nobody is going to admit he or she has lived a worthless life promoting corruption and abuse.

      Even the converted police officers in the anti-Prohibition group Law Enforcement Against Prohibition (LEAP) never concede their police career as narcs was abusive and wrong and worthless. 

                                                                     * * * 

      My wife Jodie asked for a brief meeting with her MP, Liberal Hedy Fry, to urge her to consider the social-justice implications of the impending legalization laws. She also prepared a letter to leave behind after her planned 15-minute visit. Here is a copy of it, also sent to the Justice Minister Jody Wilson-Raybould and Prime Minister Trudeau, pinned atop her Twitter page

      Jodie deftly points out the carnage and heartache that has affected two million Canadians directly, and millions more friends and family, in 45 years of Prohibition. The waste, the tragedy, the futility. She asks for a moratorium on any marijuana arrests immediately.

      There is simply no rational response to her letter than to admit Prohibition is a corrupt and self-destructive failure. It’s either that or agreeing that ruining the lives of decent Canadians and corrupting Canada is good government policy. There is no middle ground. The government’s policy of Prohibition Jodie described in a few words is indefensible to any decent person.

      The media got hold of Jodie’s letter just hours prior to her meeting with Fry and publicized Jodie’s call for a moratorium. That meeting has since been postponed by Fry’s office twice, a total of three postponements.

      We shall see if MP Fry will ever give an audience to the most recognized Canadian woman in the cannabis culture, who is in her riding, asking for 15 minutes face time to plead for exactly what Prime Minister Trudeau promised and said all Canadians deserved—justice—#becauseits2016.

      Jodie Emery would like to have 15 minutes with her Liberal MP, Hedy Fry, to discuss marijuana legalization.
      Charlie Smith

      All these politicians, including Fry, who for most of her 23-year career as Liberal MP supported Prohibition, and bureaucrats, and cops, and jailers, and prosecutors are in the same boat as Philippe the Narc from Montreal. The reputation of their “career” is at stake. And they have supported this evil for a very, very long time. Their belief in themselves is at stake.

      Admitting you have supported a corrupt, knowingly destructive policy that has damaged countless lives makes looking in the mirror impossible, especially in a mirror seen by the public. So they will all talk of protecting the children, ensuring safety on the highway, making sure not just “anyone” grows pot.

      For the first time in 50 years we have a commission to whom we can ask directly that they defend the indefensible, this colossal failure called Prohibition. We must make sure the victims of Prohibition are acknowledged in every presentation to that committee. We must never stop reminding these obstinate politicians the raison d’être of legalization is not so the government and their cronies can seize an industry but so we can live in a safer, more just society!

                                                                      * * * 

      My friend Dana Larsen made a point recently in his blog at a competing media outlet (Vancouver Sun blogs) when he said the prohibitionists have taken over the conversation. They're allied with a compliant and eager media, whose pundits and editorial writers are, for the most, part of the “obviously not just anyone should be able to grow”, “obviously not just anyone should be able to sell” and the “obviously it has to be more secure and restrictive and heavily taxed than any other legal product” chorus of the New Prohibition.

      Not a single editorial has just stated the obvious. “Let’s just legalize whatever the cannabis culture is already doing, collect taxes from whomever owes them, and it's done! Voila, the marketplace will sort it out efficiently and justly, because free markets are like that. Let those who grow, sell and buy set their terms like they do in all other competing industries, though the coffee industry is the most appropriate similar industry.”

      I haven’t seen that editorial even though that is the only just suggestion.

      Legalize now what is currently considered illegal. End of story. Just strike cannabis from the schedule of controlled drugs and substances. That’s it.

      Then it's legalized and the provinces can tax it fairly at the general provincial tax rate, plus GST for the federal government. It’s just that simple.

                                                                  * * * 

      Now newspaper out of Toronto said that while Bill Blair might seem a bad choice for the job, he’s really not that bad.

      Now newspaper must have forgot their own former chief’s narc terror raids on families. Or the hundreds of bystanders and innocents rounded up and detained in cages during the G20 summit. Or his years as head of morality squad for Toronto the Good. 

      As long as we forget what Bill Blair has done all his life, he’s really not that bad.

      It was public exposure by Canadian cannabis culture activists of these Prohibition abuses and cruelty that got Trudeau into office. People didn’t vote for legalization so they could have a party. They voted for legalization to stop the sickening corruption and ‘policing for profit’ that is driven by an ideology from the Dark Ages and the Spanish Inquisition, where female (and to a lesser degree male) cannabis herbalists (declared “heretics” for cannabis use by Pope Innocent in 1484) were burned at the stake by the tens of thousands.

      So when you see Bill the Narc on TV pleading the virtue of tight, restrictive controls, we have to force him to change the narrative, back to hundreds, perhaps thousands of archived reports about his fellow narcs terrorizing kids, breaking up families, seizing homes, sexually assaulting women, abusing families, shooting family pets, and stigmatizing millions of Canadians. Point out the instances of heavily armed police storming a house because of a skunk under the porch. We need to remind the nation what went on for 45 years is completely unacceptable now, and in any attempt by this new government, to impose the New Prohibition.