Vancouver realtor shows homes by bike

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      When showing homes, Michael Carrier is often told by clients that they’ll wait for him at the next property.

      Because the Vancouver realtor rides a bike, his buyers think they’ll get there faster in their cars. Much to their surprise, the agent usually arrives ahead of them.

      Carrier used to drive an Audi, but he hasn’t had a car in the past four years. Nowadays, he goes about his business on a Devinci bike. According to him, it’s actually easier to move around in the city on two wheels compared to driving a car.

      “Everything in Vancouver, even from UBC to East Van, is only 15 to 20 minutes by bike,” Carrier told the Straight in a phone interview.

      Although Carrier has been doing this for a number of years, it doesn’t look like many realtors are ready to follow his lead and ditch their cars for a bicycle.

      Carrier isn’t discouraged by that, and he believes that it could catch on. “One just recently told me that he tried it for a while, and he says it was quite difficult so he stopped doing it,” he said. “But then I saw him again last week, and he said he’s going to give it a shot again.”

      Carrier advertises as a cycling real-estate agent, and for someone who’s into a lot of sports, like hockey and squash, it fits into his active lifestyle: “I actually feel better on a bike than I do in a car.”